VIDEO: After Degrassi 3/25/14 (Jessica & AJ)

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Degrassi Episode Review: Close To Me (2014)

MAYA PLOT RECAP:  Miles isn’t happy when he discovers Zig is now living at Maya’s house.  Maya begs Miles to give getting to know Zig a chance, and he reluctantly agrees.  However, Zig has no interest in doing the same when he turns down [...]
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Degrassi Webisode: Dress You Up Pt. 4


Degrassi Promos and Promo Pics: Army Of Me (1327)

Army Of Me airs on Tuesday, April 1st at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV. TeenNick’s Promo: – MTV’s Promo – MTV’s Sneak Peek – PROMO PICS

Previewing Degrassi’s “Close To Me” (2014)

As I get older, I realize that I’m spending less and less of my free time thinking about Degrassi.  No, I’m not tired of this TV show; I’ve just grown out of the “I’m going to think about this show and analyze every detail of [...]
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VIDEO: After Degrassi 3/18/14 (Ricardo & Cristine)

Ricardo talks about what he’d do if he were in Maya’s position, and how Cristine deals with jealous in real life. AJ Saudin and Jessica Tyler will appear on next week’s After Degrassi (March 25th). – -

Degrassi Webisode: Dress You Up, Pt. 3

CLICK HERE TO WATCH PART 3: In Part 3, Maya hates her job and the amount of hours she’s going to need to work to buy the dress of her dreams, so she goes and buys it with her emergency credit card. [...]
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Degrassi Episode Review: What It’s Like

MAYA PLOT RECAP:  After realizing that her laptop is missing after class in the rubber room, Maya believes Zig might’ve stolen it.  She follows him home after school and witnesses him squatting in an abandoned house.  She tries to confront him and [...]
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Degrassi Promos & Promo Pics: Close To Me (1326)

Close To Me airs on Tuesday, March 25th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. TeenNick’s Promo: – MTV’s Promo – Promo Pics (WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW) – - – - – - – -

Previewing Degrassi’s “What It’s Like”

Degrassi 13C has been a bit on the intense side for these first 8 episodes, so it’s not surprising that they’re leading with less-heavy stuff tonight in What It’s Like.  All three plots tonight feature some level of intrigue.  I’m [...]
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