Degrassi Recap 1412: Firestarter, Pt. 2

Miles Confronts His Dad Mr. Hollingsworth overhears Miles telling Hunter that he’s a crappy dad.  Frankie is still missing and Miles finally confronts his dad over his behavior, stating that Mr. Hollingsworth doesn’t love or care about anyone but himself.  In a rage, Mr. H throws his cup at Miles and it shatters against the […]
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Degrassi 14B Promo 1/13/15

Degrassi’s going on hiatus and should return in April.  Below is TeenNick’s :15 teaser promo.  The network’s going to be pretty wrapped up in promoting its new series Open Heart, so I’m not really expecting a big promo for 14B anytime soon. – -

Degrassi Power Rankings: 1411

1) Zoë Rivas (Last Week: #1) Zoë’s been near the top for all of 14A because of the sheer amount of power she has and her willingness to use it freely.  She’s a master manipulator, and I can’t wait to go up against someone who feels forced to fight back because they have no choice […]
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Degrassi Recap 1411: Firestarter, Part 1

Frankie Gets Thrown Under The Bus Miles knows Frankie was involved in the Degrassi Nudes scandal, and tells her she needs to figure out how to pin it on someone else before their dad finds out.  Frankie decides to rally the rest of the cheerleaders to turn on Zoë; they want Zoë to confess and […]
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Degrassi Promos 1412: Firestarter, Part 2

Firestarter Pt. 2 is the final episode before Degrassi goes on hiatus until April, 2015.  It airs on Tuesday, January 13th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. *********** Mr. Hollingsworth’s campaign is in its final stretch, and the stress has him even more tense than usual. Miles appeals to his family about his […]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1410

This has been one of those weeks where I haven’t had time to go in depth with explaining why certain characters moved up or down.  Zoë’s #1 for obvious reasons: she’s a legit queen bee who throws her weight around, and now everything is about to come crashing down on her.  Miles and Drew stay […]
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TeenNick’s New Year’s Day Degrassi Marathon

Don’t miss the #DegrassiMarathon tonight at 7pm ET. — TeenNick (@teennick) January 1, 2015 – I miss the Every Episode Ever Marathon so much. :-/ Degrassi is taking over TeenNick’s primetime block tonight; the network is airing all 10 episodes of 14A starting at 7pm tonight (January 1st).   Here’s the full schedule (all times are […]
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Degrassi Recap 1410: Hero vs. Villain

I’ll never forget showrunner Sarah Glinski saying that they aim to get a reaction of out fans.  It’s rare for a Degrassi episode to “hit me in the feels” like Hero vs. Villain did.  This is one of those episodes where my jaw was on the floor the entire time, because the characters in this […]
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Degrassi Promos 1411: Firestarter Pt. 1

Firestarter Pt. 1 airs on Tuesday, January 6th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. ********** Degrassi’s fundraising scandal threatens to ruin Frankie’s relationship with her father. Zig and Tiny compete to get a cheerleader’s number. Clare contemplates her future and is confident that she can really have it all. ********** MTV Promo – […]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1409

1) Maya Matlin  (#3) Thank goodness for Maya’s mom, who called out Maya’s unhealthy obsession with Miles’ safety before it destroyed her own life.  Though the back and forth of Maya trying to intervene in Miles’ life started to become repetitive from a storytelling standpoint, I can’t deny being happy that Degrassi’s allowing someone to […]
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