Degrassi Finale Party Confirmed For July 29th

MTV will officially host a parking lot party for the season 13 finale on Tuesday, July 29th.  The event will last from 7pm-10pm. Fans will be able to interact with the cast and watch the one-hour finale, Thunderstruck.  You must RSVP, and entrance to the [...]
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Degrassi News 7/10/14: Emmy Nomination; After Degrassi Canceled?

Today’s been an interesting day in terms of Degrassi news.  Let’s get to the good stuff first. The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and Degrassi was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program.  It’s going up [...]
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Degrassi Episode Review: Out Of My Head

TRISTAN PLOT RECAP:  Tristan’s glowing after finally getting together with Yates, but he hides the relationship from Maya in the beginning.  Yates and Tristan secretly meet up at school, and Yates reminds him that they must keep things secret.  [...]
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Degrassi Promos: Believe, Part 1 (1337)

Believe, Part 1 airs on Tuesday, July 15th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. ********** Zoë worries about how she is being portrayed in her trial, so she takes matters into her own hands. ********** TeenNick’s Promo: [...]
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Previewing Degrassi’s “Out Of My Head”

I don’t have much to say going into tonight’s episode, Out of My Head.  Tristan’s plot was great in Hypnotize, and I’m pretty confident it will remain strong in this episode. I’m kind of hoping that this storyline [...]
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Degrassi’s The Principal’s Office (1335)

Stefan tackles Mr. Yates and Tristan and the introduction of Jackogen. – -

Degrassi Episode Review: Hypnotize

TRISTAN PLOT RECAP: Tristan is elated after being named emcee for the fashion show. He asks Mr. Yates for help writing his script for the show; Yates agrees and invites Tristan to his apartment.  Yates offers Tristan alcohol and the two end up kissing.  [...]
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Degrassi Promos: Out Of My Head (1336)

Out Of My Head will air on July 8th at 9pm EST on MTV Canada and TeenNick. ********** Mr. Yates warns Tristan about concealing their affair; Imogen will do anything for Jack’s affection. ********** TeenNick Promo: [...]
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Previewing Degrassi’s “Hypnotize”

********** This show COMPLETELY sucks!! While I am not against gays, I am against this bombardment of gayness!!! Just because I am not against it, doesn’t mean I want to see it every time I turn around either! You are living in a dream world if you think [...]
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After Degrassi Episode 1334 (Ricardo & Spencer)

- Ricardo Hoyos returned and Spencer Macpherson made his first After Degrassi appearance.  Next week’s After Degrassi was taped yesterday, but will still air on Tuesday, July 1st at 9:30pm.  Lyle Lettau and Andre Kim will be the guests. – -


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