Degrassi Promo 1419: I Wanna Be Adored

I Wanna Be Adored will air Monday, July 27th on TeenNick and MTV Canada – Clare’s been absent from prom committee meetings, and Alli is starting to get worried. Something is up with her best friend, but somehow Alli isn’t in the loop this time. Zig needs somewhere to go, seeing as his mom isn’t […]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1417

1) Frankie Hollingsworth (PREVIOUS RANK: #1) 2) Zig Novak (—) 3) Clare Edwards (#5) Clare’s final storyline begins.  How will she handle the loss of her child? 4) Becky Baker (#7) Becky’s storyline was entertaining as we see her start to break out of her naive shell and develop a mind of her own. 5) Maya […]
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Degrassi Recap: Get It Together (1417)

Becky Baker and the “Sex Things” Becky is concerned Jonah doesn’t like her, because he barely wants to kiss her.  However, Jonah tells her he’s abstaining from alcohol, drugs and sex.  He doesn’t want to kiss her because he doesn’t want things to go to far.  Becky realizes she wants to do more than just […]
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Degrassi Cast Promos 7/23/15

#MyDegrassiMoment: Aislinn Paul – Degrassi Top 10 Lists (LGBT): Jordan Todosey – Degrassi Fan Love: Alicia Josipovic – –

Degrassi Promo 1418: Give Me One Reason

Give Me One Reason airs Friday, July 24th on TeenNick and MTV Canada – Maya knows the house rules, but she can’t stop thinking about ZIg. She wants to keep her promise to her mom, but the feelings are hard to ignore. Is she really okay with staying platonic? Clare is distraught after a recent […]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1416

1) Frankie Hollingsworth (PREVIOUS RANK: #2) Another solid outing, so Frankie swaps places with Zig…for the moment. 2) Zig Novak (#1) 3) Maya Matlin  (#5) 4) Zoë Rivas (#2) 5) Clare Edwards (#3) 6) Imogen Moreno (#10) It’s about time Imogen stepped up and cater to Imogen instead of someone else. 7) Becky Baker (#6) 8) […]
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Degrassi Recap: Walking In My Shoes (1416)

Boycott The Caf: The Next Generation Zoë’s preliminary hearing is happening soon, so her lawyer is advising Zoë on what she needs to do to show remorse so the judge will show leniency in her case.  The lawyer advises Zoë do 100 hours of community service at Degrassi by working in the caf mornings and […]
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Degrassi Cast/Fan Promos 7/22/15

Aww yeahhh I appeared in a promo! I talked about Rock and Roll High School: – #MyDegrassi Ship: Charlotte Arnold – Degrassi Fan Love: Munro Chambers – Degrassi Top 10 Secrets: Ana Golja – –

Degrassi Promo 1417: Get It Together

Get It Together airs Thursday, July 22nd on TeenNick and MTV Canada. – Becky has feelings for Jonah, but she isn’t sure what to do with them. Maya hopes gym class will boost her average, but it turns out to be more difficult than she thought. Clare agrees to babysit Rocky, thinking it’ll be a […]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1415

1) Zig Novak (PREVIOUS RANK: #1) The things have settled down a bit, and with Zig continuing his awesome streak in Wishlist, he remains at #1. 2) Frankie Hollingsworth (#4) Frankie’s plot was heartfelt, and she’s the most likable character on the show. 3) Maya Matlin  (#5) 4) Zoë Rivas (#2) 3) Clare Edwards (#3) 6) […]
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