Looking At Degrassi Season 14 (News & Pics)

With season 13 behind us, we can officially look forward to Degrassi season 14, which will premiere this fall.  The overlapping of the end of one season and the beginning of production for the other means we don’t get many episode descriptions or behind-the-scenes stuff as they happen.  Below is just a compilation of the [...]
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Degrassi Promo: This Fall On Degrassi (Season 14)

This current semester will resume this fall on TeenNick and MTV Canada. The expected return date is sometime in October. – -

Degrassi Episode Review: Thunderstruck

DREW/BECKY PLOT RECAP:  Becky’s still upset about her brother, so Drew tries to cheer her up by inviting her to the dance.  But when a storm hits the city and the dance is canceled, Becky is nowhere to be found.  Drew spends the evening searching for her, and eventually finds her in the boiler room.  [...]
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WATCH: Degrassi’s “Eli: Dorm Life” Webisode #4

As we know, Clare heads to NYC is the season 13 finale of Degrassi.  A storm hits and Clare will stay with Eli.  The fourth and final webisode shows how Eli reacts when Clare calls him.  By the way, he’s still not over her. – -

Degrassi Episode Review: Believe

I remember the days when I was one of those Degrassi fans who always felt the need to constantly compare what’s happening on the show now to how the way things were during the early years of The Next Generation.  The frame of mind was always “Well TNG did it better!” But as I’ve gotten [...]
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Degrassi Promos: Thunderstruck (1339/1340)

Thunderstruck is the one-hour season 13 finale.  It’ll air on Tuesday, July 29th at 9pm EST. ********** Maya, Zig, and Zoë  plan to attend a Degrassi dance, but get stranded at the Matlin house due to an unexpected storm. Meanwhile, Clare heads to NYC for an interview at Columbia and fears running into Eli, and [...]
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Previewing Degrassi’s “Believe Pt. 2″

The other day I saw someone comment on Believe Pt. 1, saying the episode should’ve been more focused on Zoë like Unbelievable was.  I don’t really agree with that idea given that: 1) Nearly every moment of Believe ties directly into Zoë’s plot, 2) I’m a believer that an “outsider’s” POV doesn’t automatically make it [...]
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Some Thoughts On Degrassi’s “Believe Pt. 1″

WARNING: This post contains spoilers. Don’t read if you haven’t watched the episode and don’t want to know what happens! After watching Believe Pt. 1 I’ve decided I’m not going to review it on its own.  This episode is setting up for the massive climax coming in next week’s episode, so it’s better to just [...]
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Degrassi Promos: Believe, Pt. 2 (1338)

Believe Pt. 2 airs on Tuesday, July 22nd at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. ********** Becky is conflicted about her testimony, but knows what the right thing would be. ********** TeenNick’s Promo: http://www.teennick.com/videos/clip/degrassi-1338-episodic.html?xid=tntw – MTV’s Promo – -

Previewing Degrassi’s “Believe Pt. 1″

It’s finally here: Zoë’s sexual assault trial.  If you don’t want any part of the episode spoiled for you, don’t read below the line.  I’ll post TeenNick’s promo for next week’s episode tonight.  Unfortunately, the cancellation of After Degrassi means we’ll no longer receive 3 sneak peeks for the next episode. ************* As we’ll see, [...]
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