601/602 – Here Comes Your Man 1 & 2:  D+
Starts off well, but goes downhill as the Peter/Sean feud escalates.

603 – True Colours:  D
Peter/Emma/Sean overkill.

604 – Can’t Hardly Wait: B (Jimmy) | B (Manny/Darcy)
A solid plot as Jimmy wants to prove he can still be a man even if he is “crippled.”  Manny and Darcy’s contrasting views keep their plot interesting.

605/606 – Eyes Without a Face 1 & 2:  A+
A brilliant episode that propels Darcy into becoming one of the show’s new “IT” girls.

607 – Working for the Weekend:  B-
Watching Spinner kick a robber’s ass makes it worth it.

608 – Crazy Little Thing Called Love:  D+
I’m not against (the old) Semma, I’m against the (new) Semma where Sean puts Emma on an unrealistic pedestal.

609/610 – What It Feels Like To Be a Ghost 1 & 2:  A
Delivers something Degrassi has been lacking:  Craig.

611 – Rock This Town:  B+
If you don’t cry at the end of this episode, you are not human.

612 – The Bitterest Pill:  B-
An efficient, emotional post-JT episode.

613 – If You Leave:  C-
Emma protesting…’nuff said.

614/615 – Free Fallin’ 1 & 2:  C
A plot that could’ve been better if it were only one part.

616 – Love My Way:  C-
Watching Paige date multiple people isn’t as fun as it sounds.

617 – Sunglasses at Night:  C+
A bearable Marco plot boosted by a wonderful Parcy subplot.

618/619 – Don’t You Want Me 1 & 2:  C-
Really, stripping?  After The Lexicon of Love, this episode seems beneath Deanna Casaluce.

2 thoughts

  1. WHAT!!? lol I agree with a lot of Kary’s opinions, but the first three episodes – Here Comes Your Man part 1 and 2. and True Colors- were great episodes, with great actors, as I am an Emma fan. Intense storylines of Sean trying to win Emma back, street racing, Emma’s reactions to Peter and Sean. The ending of True Colors really got me.


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