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Degrassi Recess: Musical Chairs

Who will be crowned the musical chairs champion? – -

Degrassi Debate: Does The Show Need More Tall Female/Short Male Couples?

You know there isn’t much happening in Degrassiland when even Degrassi joins in on posting fake spoilers and the like.  I don’t have as much time as I’d like to review older episodes, so I wanted to take on random questions and premises [...]
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Degrassi Promo 8/24/14 (MTV)

MTV released a new Degrassi promo during coverage of the VMA’s; you can watch below. – Also, if you haven’t seen Clevver News’ interview with the Degrassi cast while they were at the Emmy’s, you can view it below.  The cast reacts [...]
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Degrassi News 8/22/14: TeenNick To Produce Season 14 Music Video

You ready for the first #DegrassiAnnouncement? We’re filming a special music video trailer for Season 14! Get excited. It’s gonna be awesome— Degrassi on TeenNick (@degrassinsider) August 22, 2014 – TeenNick announced they’re [...]
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Degrassi Episode Titles 1403-1422 (Unconfirmed)

NOTE: As of writing this, the information below has NOT been 100% confirmed, but it’s coming from a very reliable source.  Do not treat it as fact until it can be confirmed. We know for a fact the episode titles for 1401 (Smells Like Teen Spirit), [...]
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Degrassi At The 2014 Emmys

Degrassi made its third appearance in four years at the Creative Arts Emmys this weekend.  Unfortunately, Degrassi didn’t win this time, but don’t feel too bad. All Disney (Dog with a Blog, Good Luck Charlie) and Nickelodeon (Degrassi, Nick [...]
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#DegrassiReaction Contest

Not much is happening in Degrassiland, so here’s a contest to pass the time! You’ve got just a couple of days to post your video reaction to Clare’s pregnancy bombshell in Instagram using the hashtag #DegrassiReaction. I’ve got some [...]
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VIDEO: Degrassi’s Thunderstruck Readthrough

- Watch as the Degrassi cast reads through the script for Thunderstruck Pt. 2 and learn about Clare’s pregnancy for the first time.  If there was any doubt in your mind whose baby it is…

Epitome Pictures to Produce New Series, “Open Heart”

Will TeenNick FINALLY go back to having another new show to go along with Degrassi in primetime? Epitome Pictures has announced it’s producing a new show called “Open Heart,” which will air on YTV in Canada and TeenNick in the U.S.  [...]
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Degrassi News 8/1/14: Last Day On Set For Seniors

It’s the first day of August, but the last day ever on the set of Degrassi for the current crop of seniors. A very special and emotional day on set today.—   (@Degrassi) August 01, 2014 – Honestly, it’s time.  In an ideal world I [...]
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