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Degrassi Episode Review: Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still Season: 4 Episode#: 407 & 408 Canadian Airdates: October 5, 2004 (Pt. 1) / October 12, 2004 (Pt. 2) U.S. Airdates: December 3, 2004 (Pt. 1) / December 10, 2004 (Pt. 2) Review Date: October 5, 2015 *********** Episode Recap: While still being bullied by his peers, Rick retaliates by spray painting […]
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Degrassi Promos & Promo Pics: Time Stands Still

Posting these because I’m finally going to review this episode on Monday, October 5th.  As I initially think over the episode before my re-watch, it’s making me think about how things worked then in regards to how the world works now.  People ask why Degrassi “recycles storylines” and the like, usually using it as a […]
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Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Aislinn Paul

– Aislinn is on the couch! Here she talks Clare and Eli, kissing boys for work and plays a very revealing round of Degrassi trivia with Adamo!

Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Jordan Todosey

– Jordan Todosey joins Adamo on the couch to talk Adam’s legacy, his ultimate Degrassi relationship and playing brothers with Luke Bilyk! – –

Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Charlotte Arnold

– Adamo sits down with Holly J. herself! Charlotte talks being best friends with Annie Clark, filming her stripping scene and who her ideal Heather Sinclair would be… – –

Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Munro Chambers

– Adamo and Munro talk playing Eli, working with Aislinn, and fun behind the scenes moments! – –

Do Degrassi Fans Overvalue Endgame?

During season 4 of The Next Generation, the evil, heartless writers (only kidding, they’re actually nice if you give them food) ruined my life by destroying my OTP, Sellie. The same happened to my Parcy, Drianca and nearly every couple you’ve shipped while watching this show.  And then out of nowhere Bhandallas, a second-tier OTP […]
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Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Alicia Josipovic

– Adamo sits down with Alicia Josipovic! The two discuss playing Bianca, Drew, and her off screen moments with Luke Bilyk!

32 Degrassi Thoughts On My 32nd Birthday

Guys, this was a bad idea.  Putting together a list like I work at BuzzFeed sounded like a good idea until I remember I had to come up with 32 things.  I turn 32 today, and I’ve been a Degrassi fan for over 11 years now.  I’ve blogged about the show for a solid 6 […]
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Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Stacey Farber

– Adamo chats with his longtime friend Stacey Farber about first kisses, Ellie & Marco and Degrassi trivia! – –