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Degrassi Recap: Can’t Stop This Thing We Started (1404)

I know I said I didn’t wanna get into review stuff since I can’t go all the way, but since people keep asking for the grades…well let’s see how this works out.  Don’t yell at me when I give bad grades to your favorite plots with little explanation! Clare Edwards: “Nothing has to change” Eli [...]
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Degrassi Promos 1405: There’s Your Trouble

Episode 1405, There’s Your Trouble, will air on Tuesday, November 25th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. ********* Becky visits her brother in juvenile detention, but she can’t bring herself to forgive him. Desparate for a distraction, she auditions for a new school band. Zoë pushes the cheer squad too hard and they [...]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1403

1) Miles Hollingsworth (Last week: #1) He only appeared briefly in If You Could Only See, but his emotional reaction toward Maya’s “nosiness” ensured his position at the top of the power rankings.  In 1402 he seemed to have given up, and now he’s just being stubborn toward any possible help since he views doing anything to change the dynamic [...]
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Degrassi Promos 1404: Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

Episode 1404 will air on Tuesday, November 8th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. ********* Clare has to muster up the courage to tell Eli about her situation. Winston is making some headway with Frankie but is insecure about his friendship with Miles. A normally confident Zig feels emasculated when he loses an [...]
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Degrassi Recap: If You Could Only See (1403)

Degrassi Nudes Frankie and Winston are in her bedroom coming up with fundraiser ideas when the young couple starts making out on Frankie’s bed.  When Winston grabs for Frankie’s chest she stops him, telling him she likes him but doesn’t know if she’s ready to go that far.  She also doesn’t want to be caught [...]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1402

This week everyone moved up or down on the list except for Jack and Jenna, who are still sitting at the very bottom.  Miles clearly takes the top spot this week, and for now it’s looking like he and Zoë will be hovering around the top for a while. I was super excited to see Dallas [...]
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Degrassi’s The Principal’s Office: 1402

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Degrassi Recap: Wise Up (1402)

Can’t We All Just Get Along? In 1401, Miles talked to a reporter about his father.  In this episode, we learn the reporter then published an article claiming Mr. Hollingsworth is a homophobe who hates his own son.  Instead of yelling at Miles, Mr. Hollingsworth decides Miles should skip school and the two hit up [...]
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Degrassi Promos 1403: If You Could Only See

If You Could Only See airs on Tuesday, November 11th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. Frankie thinks it’s unfair that girls are expected to show their bodies to men with nothing in return. This gives Zoë the perfect fundraising idea. Maya doesn’t want to remain silent when she knows one of her [...]
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Degrassi’s The Principal’s Office: 1401