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UPDATE: TeenNick & MTV *WILL* Air Degrassi 14B On Same Schedule

UPDATED 7/4/15: So it looks like TeenNick and MTV Canada will air 14B on the same schedule after all. According to MTV’s July press release , MTV had no plans to air the first two episodes on July 20th, leaving MTV to air an overwhelming majority of 14B a day behind TeenNick.  However, the broadcast schedule […]
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Degrassi 14B Complete Episode Descriptions

MTV released a lengthy July press release which revealed the episode descriptions for all 12 episodes of 14B (NOTE: no information about the 4-part movie, scheduled to air at some point after 14B, has been released). 1413: Watch Out Now Becky devises a plan to get Drew to change his mind after he rejects her idea […]
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Degrassi Reunion Photoshoot Pics!

TeenNick is currently producing their one-hour special called “It Goes There: Degrassi’s Most Talked About Moments,” which will air on July 31st before the season 14 finale.  TeenNick has been posting behind-the-scenes pics as they interview cast members for the special. The Epitome team is also doing a promo shoot, and man, seeing all of […]
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TeenNick Continues Degrassi Rerun With 13A Marathon

Last night, TeenNick wrapped up its late-night rerun of 13C and 13D.  Tonight they begin a 3-day marathon of 13A: Monday 6/29 11pm EST: Summertime Tuesday 6/30 10:30pm: All I Wanna Do 11pm: My Own Worst Enemy 11:30pm: About A Girl Wednesday 7/1 10:30pm: Cannonball 11pm: Honey 11:30pm: Young Forever It’s safe to say that […]
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Aislinn Paul Lands Role In “Heroes Reborn”

Yet another Degrassi star has made the jump from high school to Primetime TV. After months of teasing us about a secret project she’s been working on, Aislinn Paul finally revealed she will be a part of the latest “Heroes” incarnation, “Heroes Reborn.” I am so excited to tell you guys that I have officially […]
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Degrassi TV: Masculinity

This week’s video is all about what it’s like to be a man in today’s world.  While things aren’t as rigid as they used to be, there still exists this idea that in order to be “manly” you need to behave a certain way or avoid doing certain things. I’m telling you…it’s all nonsense.  A […]
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TeenNick Re-Airing Degrassi Season 13 This Week

Yeah, yeah, I know everybody except for myself and maybe two other people didn’t hate every aspect of season 13.  Regardless, I’m a big fan of watching reruns because of how rarely they happen during normal hours. TeenNick is currently airing an hour of season 13 episodes every night at 11pm EST.  As of now […]
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Stephen Stohn On Degrassi’s Future: ‘Netflix allows us to go there.’

With the announcement of Degrassi moving to Netflix and Family Channel in 2016, there’s also been some concern within the fanbase about how Family Channel’s current branding will affect Degrassi’s ability to tell stories.  I’ve been saying for years that Degrassi is a fish out of water on TeenNick; just look at the rest of […]
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Degrassi Promo 6/9/15 (TeenNick)

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MTV Canada Not Planning Parking Lot Party This Year

With the end of Degrassi at Bell Media comes the end of an era in their parking lot in downtown Toronto.  MTV Canada’s twitter account announced there will be no parking lot party held for any of Degrassi season 14’s final episodes:   The news is disappointing, but not shocking given the sheer amount of […]
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