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“Degrassi TV” Coming Soon…Submit Your Videos!

– Well it’s about freakin’ time, Degrassi!! ;) Degrassi is taking “Degrassi TV” and turning it into an interactive web series.  Based on the above promo, it looks like fans will essentially be brought into the Degrassi universe as the series involves the show’s characters discussing various topics instead of the actors themselves.  Here’s complete […]
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DegrassiBlog Surpasses 10 Million Views

Ten. That’s the total number of views this little Degrassi blog I created had in its very first month.  Ten views…and I’m guessing all of them were from me.  I technically started in the summer of 2008. I made a few posts, got bored and gave up.  Blogging/vlogging, etc isn’t difficult, but it’s difficult […]
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Degrassi Promo 4/12/15 (MTV)

– Sigh. The assumption was that this promo would confirm a premiere date for Degrassi 14B, but unfortunately it doesn’t.  The networks wait until about 2 1/2 – 3 weeks at the latest to start promoting a new block of episodes, so unless TeenNick randomly drops a promo this week with a confirmed date, Degrassi’s […]
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The First Degrassi 14B Spoiler Revealed

Oops! But not really…not when Stefan’s involved. Stefan posted an image of some Degrassi and Open Heart cases on his Instagram with the caption, “I think I’ll watch these. #openheart #degrassi #mythumbsaretoolong“ Now I’ve got some questions about this (Are these test/final products or just fancy screener cases for in-house/network use only? Where in the […]
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Degrassi Q&A 4/9/15: Kary Likes Spemma? 14B News This Sunday

Kary, I thought you said way back in your Degrassi Takes Manhattan review that you thought the setup of Spemma was pretty good? – WhenDovesCry This is in reference to what I said in my recent post, where I listed Spemma as a “jump the shark” moment on the show.  Let’s take a look back […]
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Degrassi Q&A 4/3/15: Jump The Shark, 14A Surprise

Do you believe Degrassi has jumped the shark? If so name a moment or moments?  For me it was the demise of spinner and jane, and the marriage of the last standing single original dtng characters, spemma. – Mike Let me preface this by saying that just because Degrassi has jumped the shark at times, […]
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Top Fifteen Degrassi Moments (Degrassi Junior High)

Originally posted on Degrassi Junior High Reviewed:
Since it’s a year since I started this little blog, why don’t I do a top fifteen of the most memorable moments in Degrassi history? Because a top ten wouldn’t be enough. I think in the future I’ll also do a top ten shittiest moments. But I have…

Degrassi Webisode: Champagne Supernova Pt. 9 & 10 (Finale)

– – I guess the moral of these webisodes is that Winston has no chill in season 14.  It looks like Frankie, Grace and Eli were all red herrings.  And the best part of this webisode series (the continuity and hint dropping) continued with us learning Miles actually got in trouble for the fire.  I […]
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Degrassi Webisode: Champagne Supernova Pt. 8 (Maya)

– An overwhelming majority of people assumed Maya had the key, but the problem is Degrassi wrote Champagne Supernova with the intent of making it a mystery, meaning Maya was TOO easy of a choice.  The comment about Zig going to check on Miles the night of the party would lead one to believe that […]
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Degrassi Webisode: Champagne Supernova Pt. 7 (Zoë)

MTV Canada link: – The guys finally get a hold of Zoë, who was upset at them for something that happened the night before.  Behind Maya and Grace, Zoë was the third-most popular option as the person in possession of the key. – –