Degrassi Promos: About A Girl

1305 – About A Girl (Airs 8/1, 8pm EST on Much | 9pm EST on TeenNick)
Adam becomes jealous of Becky spending time with Todd; Alli may be falling too hard and fast for her Parisian waiter.

TeenNick’s Promo


MuchMusic’s Promo



11 thoughts on “Degrassi Promos: About A Girl

  1. Tristan left out the fact that he kissed Miles, but I guess it was confusing cause Miles kinda saw it coming and didn’t move or say anything.

  2. I’m really hoping this is the end of Alli’s storyline. It’s boring, I don’t care, and I want something more interesting to be taking up that time instead.

  3. Jordan Todosey (Adam) just posted photos to her Instagram of her being on set. So now I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen in Cannonball. If both Jordan and Aislinn are both on set for filming then this funeral is definitely going to be a shocker. All of our guess were either Adam or Clare. Hmm…

    • This is perplexing. I really don’t know why’d they’d go to the trouble of shooting a funeral scene unless one of the main characters were dying. Maybe Jordan is shooting flashbacks or something? I’m not sure. All the signs are pointing at Adam dying.

    • A few cast have been posting stuff but I think Jordy posted a older post of the living room. I think the cast & the Degrassi PR are trying to stump us for the summer finale.

  4. A friend of mine works at Much and saw screencaps from upcoming episodes for a blog post — she says Adam dies.

  5. I have a very bad feeling that Becky is not cheating. Knowing Adam he will get all paranoid and use Imogen to get back at her. Then things go very wrong with Adam & Imogen. I just hope Drew & Eli are not involved with this mess. Since Drew is Adam’s brother and Eli is best friends with both Imogen & Adam.

    As for Maya I think she will somehow embarrass Tristan by being getting back at Miles & Zoe. As for Alli who I love so much is going over her head again about a guy.

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