Degrassi Episode Descriptions: 1305-1308 (SPOILERS)


The other day Zap2It posted episode descriptions for every episode of this summer block except for 1306 (Cannonball) and the summer finale, Young Forever.  Well the description for the finale has finally been added, so you can make your own judgement as to what you think will happen.  The descriptions and airdates for 1305-1308 are below:

1305 – About A Girl (Airs 8/1)
Adam becomes jealous of Becky spending time with Todd; Alli may be falling too hard and fast for her Parisian waiter.

1306 – Cannonball (Airs 8/8)
Adam takes Dallas’ advice and tries juggling two girls at once.  But he’s not that kind of guy.  When upset Tristan goes AWOL in Paris, Maya enlists her sworn enemy for help find him and  Alli continues to try and find balance in her relationships.

1307 – Honey (Airs 8/15)
Leo and Alli are starting to get really serious; Drew needs to visit camp for comfort; Maya puts an expensive dress on her mother’s credit card to show up Zoe.

1308 – Young Forever (Airs 8/22)
As summer comes to an end and Becky tries to understand the meaning behind an unexpected tragedy, she orchestrates an evening to remember.

32 thoughts on “Degrassi Episode Descriptions: 1305-1308 (SPOILERS)

  1. Adam A-Plot followed by Drew needing “comfort” and Becky recovering from an “unexpected tragedy”?

    Pleeeeeease don’t kill off Adam, writers.

  2. Becky doesn’t seem like the type to throw a party right after her boyfriend dies and Drew could have broken up with Bianca or something and seek comfort at camp (which sounds weird). I just don’t see what the point of killing off a character that’s going to graduate for no reason since we just came off and are still experiencing the aftermath of a major death.

    • ^Instead of “no reason” I should have said shock value because that is purely what killing off Adam in the first 8 episodes would be. Plus there is still more storyline potential for him as a trans character. I’d take Clare dying of cancer(which I also don’t see happening) over Adam randomly dying.

      • I agree with you, only for the reason that we literally just had a death a few months ago in Degrassi’s time. But I heard Jordan is doing other things, hence Adam’s long hair, so maybe they need a way to get rid of her character.

  3. Interesting, but I still can’t buy Adam being killed off. A lot of things seem to point to this, but given the lack of trans representation on TV, it would be HUGELY insensitive of the writers to KILL the only regular trans character on television. They went to such great lengths to treat Cam’s suicide with dignity and respect, after all. If Jordy wanted off the show, why have Adam’s final plot involve him in a tired love triangle, and then kill him off? What an awful way for the character to go. I dunno…

    • Unless Jordan WANTED to leave the show, which is what I suspect actually happened. They would want to say goodbye to Adam with a bang, shock value, like when jt died because the actor wanted to leave for university.

  4. I dont see how or why theyd kill off Adam at this point and time. if anything they’re probably gonna kill off Clare or one of the adults or something.

  5. OMG CLARE IS GONNA DIEEE! Wen the episode list came up i predicted that if anyone were to die it would be in Cannonball, and this is proof. thats why there giving clare so much screen time right now. they want to give her a proper send off. it makes sense becuz eclare is like romeo and juliet!

  6. The only reason I think it may be Adam is that Ramona Milano and Edward Jaunz were spotted on the set of the funeral scene when it was being filmed a few months ago. Why else would Adam’s parents be at a funeral for someone other than their child? The two notably missing from the set of the funeral were Clare and Adam, but I just don’t see Clare dying because the rest of the summer plots involve Alli’s love interest, and i’m pretty sure that if Clare died, the writers wouldn’t have Clare’s best friend continuing to find love on her summer vacation. Just a thought.

    I’m worried that it’s Adam. I really hope i’m wrong.

  7. It would be humorous though totally far fetched if they went the Secret Life in which Becky has sex with Todd and then Rev Baker dies and she thinks he died because she not only had sex but cheated…..

  8. The writers wouldnt kill off a major character right after. It just doesn’t work like that. Ofcourse that’s what they want you to think since there practically giving you the same hints like they did to Cam. But this is obvious and so easy….to easy. There is a plot twist. It will be the one you least suspect. Trust me when im telling you, ADAM WILL NOT DIE!

    • Agree…I also don’t believe that Adam will die…they just want to make the audience anxious…well at least I hope that’s it

  9. It could be one of Becky’s parents who die. I’d be really surprised if they killed off another student this soon. Audra’s on the PTA just like Becky’s parents which could explain why they’re there.

  10. Apparently the person who tweeted pictures from the funeral scene said that people were offering condolences to the Torres family. Is that legit, or just a rumour?

  11. I have a crazy theory. Maybe the funeral is Luke’s.

    Both Luke and Dave are presumed to be recurring characters this season, but ONLY Dave’s page is being followed by the newbies (Miles/Winston/Zoe). Since they will be attending Degrassi, this makes sense. So why not follow Luke’s? Maybe he won’t be around by the time they start attending, so there’s no point in having them follow him.

    Maybe upon Becky’s return, Adam confronts her about Todd and/or dumps her. Luke may try to intervene, and he and Adam get into a scuffle. Maybe Adam accidentally kills Luke with a severe blow to the head or something.

    1.This would explain why Adam is not at the funeral.

    2. The Torreses could be there to show support for the Bakers if their son has killed theirs.

    3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Rev. Baker leading the funeral? Given how much he was against his daughter’s relationship with Adam, I doubt he would want anything to do with a funeral for Adam, even at Becky’s request.

    Has Craig Arnold tweeted from the set recently? He did when filming for the season began, but that was some time ago, no?

    We’ve also never had a main character kill another main character, which would be interesting, especially since Adam is so well-liked. I think that a lot of his friends would ostracize him if he killed another student (a la Spinner in s4/5). Even though Luke is pretty universally hated by the audience, maybe the writers are killing him off in an attempt to make viewers feel bad for him, to show that even the lives of douchey people are precious.

    Is Imogen at the funeral? If it were Adam’s I’d think she would be. But if Adam were responsible for Luke’s death, I could see her being the only person who doesn’t freeze him out. Adam killing Luke would also be what breaks Adam and Becky up, and brings Adam and Imogen together. Because I can’t see this love triangle going down without something happening between Adam and Imogen.

    • luke’s actor was confirmed to be at readthroughs for episodes post-summer block, so im guessing he’s not dead.

  12. I know people don’t think the writers would kill off another major character after killing Cam off last season, but anything is possible and the writers very much so could do that! We had a student die every single year I was in high school. It DOES happen, as sad as it is. All clues are pointing at Adam dying. Clare dying could be a possibility – – but this tragic event has been noted as being very shocking (I believe). My thoughts are that Clare’s death wouldn’t be as shocking because it would be expected due to her illness….Adam’s death, however, would be critically shocking to the viewing audience. Plus, we have Becky, Drew, Audra and Omar involved in the process of grieving.

    I personally hope that no one dies – but, I mean, there’s a funeral and it’s going to happen. So I guess I’ll just stop trying to guess 24/7 (LOL) and wait for the inevitable to happen. We begged the writers to go there again….and they sure are!

  13. claire definitely is not dying because alli would not be in france if she died. she would definitely be heading back for the funeral.

      • It’s possible, but unless they’re trying to blindside us, it’s most definitely Adam. And there’s no way they’d get all the hype up about Adam dying and then have someone like Imogen’s dad die; it would be anti-climatic as hell.

  14. Cannonball is going to be the episode where someone dies. I feel that it is going to be Adam, because it says that in the next two episodes that Drew and Becky are trying to cope. Drew is Adams brother, and Becky is his girlfriend. It only makes sense…

  15. With these episode descriptions–what if Adam started the process for a sex change surgery (wasn’t he starting the hormones awhile back?) and there were complications. That could explain an unexpected death…

  16. Please people, the writers aren’t stupid enough to kill off one of the only trans characters on TV. Could you imagine the backlash? It’s going to be a minor character. I guess my prediction about the funeral being for Zoe’s Westdrive character and Degrassi students being used as extras was wrong, though.

    • i don’t think its about this being the writer’s choice. there are many rumors going around that the actress who plays adam wants off of the show to pursue other projects…. =S

      • Even if she did want off the show, I doubt that they would kill Adam off. There would still be backlash. They’d probably write him off in a way that leaves him open to return. Besides, do you really think that they’re going to do yet another grieving girlfriend story when they just did one?

  17. I’m not sure of a reason for killing Adam off when this is his final season on the show also it feels a bit to rushed. I haven’t heard of any rumors where Jordy wanted to indulge in other endeavors but IMO that’s unlikely for her to just up and want to quit mid-way through the season. Also when Tori wanted to leave they did it in a reasonable way with her moving away. I kind of find it annoying for the writers to keep killing off their main characters w intimate and impacting storylines. But I read this recent interview with one of the exec producers on the show and here it is if u want to read ( ). This though vague just leads me to believe its more up his life and story… doesn’t give me a sense of finalization. Besides Adam’s story has been so negative it doesn’t depict one single positive thing that a trans teen could potentially endure. Here we r in a point in his story that things r looking up especially with love…..though Imogen liking him is a little left and unexpected it’s still good for him. Hoping Degrassi writers have learned to deal with & send vital messages about first world problems without killing its characters off.

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