Degrassi HQ Promo Pics: Walking On Broken Glass

1203 – Walking On Broken Glass, Part 1 (Wednesday 7/18, 10pm)
Rejected and angry, Katie seeks revenge on Drew. Simpson asks Eli to work with Becky on the play.

1204 – Walking On Broken Glass, Part 2 (Thursday 7/19, 10pm)
Drew feels like his life is falling apart. Meanwhile, Eli and Becky struggle to cast the play.

TeenNick’s promo for the rest of this week’s episodes:

Click on each photo to see the full version. NOTE: I feel one of the HQ pics is too spoilerish at the moment (b/c virtually nothing we’ve seen yet even remotely indicates what the pic shows), so I won’t post it until TeenNick or Much reveals it in tv promos or promo pics.

44 thoughts on “Degrassi HQ Promo Pics: Walking On Broken Glass

    • What I think will happen is.. they’re going to start talking in the next episode, start becoming good friends until his hockey team find out and start giving him crap about it. Because in a promo he was like ‘we can’t be friends’. But then eventually find a way to be together

  1. Becky VS Eli., this is the one i’ve been waiting for. I know im going to love this rivalry.

    Finally get to meet Cam. yeah :)

    I hope Bianca wises up and drop Drew on his piggish ass.

  2. I love how Degrassi has finally become the kind of TV high school where sports teams wear their jackets all day every day.

    • Actually, this happens in real life, not just TV. At my school, the wrestling team is pretty good, no, really good, and all the Varsity players feel the need to wear their jackets all day. haha

    • I completely agree with Simon, the track team was hot shit when I was in high school, and they made sure everyone knew it, haha.

    • This was a our varsity baseball team with their stupid teal jackets…and we lived in Miami! What was even worst was that they’re girlfriends (who majority were on the dance team) worked the concession stand and were deemed the Diamond Girls.






  4. Omygod, since when did Degrassi get this good? Tonight was intense!! Tristan is a wonderful character and I could really feel and relate to what he was feeling. Thats what I want in a part 1 episode. It almost felt like this episode had a nice conclusion. I hope tomorrow is Katie’s makeover. She always wanted to have everything under control. I think she just realized that her perfect dream is over and she’s finally facing reality. I like her more for that. Plus the cat fight is so much fun to watch :D

  5. to be honest….im surprised to say i actually side with becky on this particular episode. she took the initiative and started the play, and eli waltzes in and tries to take charge and put her in the refreshment stand. tomorrow’s episode may change my mind but i can see both sides of the argument

    • I thought I was the only one who tthought Eli acted like a bit of a jerk tonight. I mean she was the one who approached Simpson first and it’s not like she even knew plays are usually Eli’s thing. And the way he tried to just take over everything in the restuarant like that was uncalled for. Not liking someone’s personality (especially if it’s because they’re too energetic or bubbly or whatever) is not a valid reason to be rude to them.

      • Eli’s self-centered and selfish. He thinks that because he’s a writer, it automatically means everything he writes is golden. Give me a break. In the real world, especially in college theatre classes, he’s going to have to put aside his ego and selfishness and work with ppl he doesn’t like. Becky is overbearing, but if he wants to gain more experience but Eli needs to get over himself. She got to Simpson first and proposed the play, so he should be more willing to work with her.

    • But of course everyone instantly turns against Becky because “omg how dare she try to take away Eli’s play”. Because as we all know Eli can do no wrong…..

    • Eli certainly didn’t handle this right, but… when it comes to needs and motives, Eli’s motives are certainly better.

      But that bit of story hasn’t actually hit the board just yet. I definitely like the way they are handling this. The only motive that counts on the board right now is “Eli is prepping his college plans, Becky is just a control freak.” And if you think I am being too harsh on her, I’m not because her peppy attitude is her weapon, that last scene in the ep proved that one.

      • Eli should realize that doing a musical can offer good experience as well as dealing with share responsibilities and other people not willing to roll over for you because you feel more entitled. Becky looks like she’s naturally peppy but she’s not going to be walked all over by someone who prejudged her because of her good attitude and was annoyed that she got to Simpson first. His actions at the Dot were immature and uncalled for especially since Becky seemed more than willing to share this play instead of making things difficult for him to join on.

      • Thank you Aya, Im sorry this is Becky’s play not Eli’s. Eli was rude and he treated her as his little secretary not as an equil. Sorry Eli needs to learn to share and play nice. Eli angered me. If Clare heard what Eli said to Becky at The Dot. It would have angered her too. If he told her about his plan with NYU and was nice about it about she may have givin the play to him. Eli still has not changed and I know he is going to sabotage her play.

      • Oh, Eli is a control freak too. His issues the past two seasons are all about either not being in control, or learning to let go of control.

        And no, Becky isn’t that naturally perky. If she was, she wouldn’t have stopped being so perky the moment she needed to take Eli down a peg (which he deserved, because Eli should take a pill).

      • Honestly just because someone is perky it doesn’t mean they’re like that 24/7. No one is happy all the time especially in this world where there are disappointments and people that don’t agree with you. If she was perky in her response, I doubt Eli would get the message that she’s not going to back down because he feels “superior” and entitled than her. I do think that Eli will try to sabotage her play to get full reins, but what he might not get is that she got to Simpson first and any drama could get him kicked off since he was brought on for a suppose partnership.

    • I can definitely see both sides of the story too. On one hand, although Becky is terribly annoying, she did approach Simpson first and Eli was being immature. On the other hand, Eli needs it more. I’m really excited for tomorrows episode. Eli is certainly conniving.

  6. So far, this episode is good. Eli’s plot is believable. Because he uses plays as an expression, he is determined to be a part of the play. But, because he is a senior and is trying to get into an arts school and Degrassi is his school, Eli feels entitled to have ownership of the play. I like the immediate tension between him and Becky due to the obvious differences, but I also like the connections in their words and actions that prove them more similar than they realize.

    Tristan’s plot is sad but expected. I do like the way Cam is being introduced through another pre-established character.the interaction between Tristan and Owen is good to see because it adds a dynamic to Tristan and how he lives. It’s also a great connector between the hockey team and their feelings towards homosexuality. I am worried that the writers will take Tristan’s crush to an obsessive point and I am also worried that Cam will be too fickle of a character to handle.

    Katie’s plot is, for once, enjoyable. Her inability to forget losing her virginity to a boy who broke her heart is both realistic and relatable. Name was almost pointless but it was a necessary step to show the extremity of Katie’s feelings and emotions. The biggest issue I have with this plot is that it almost seems wrapped up. The climatic point has happened (Katie showing the video) and I barely care what happens now. Plus, the sudden courage to show the video is random. Sure she has let her emotions boil over but I still think it was oddly placed. And that final scene was poor. That’s a scene that shOuldve come at the end of part two after we see Katie move from the hatred we see she has when the video is shown and she watches Drew to the calmness of satisfaction but not quite understanding of the gravity of her actions.

    I am looking forward to part two but I am worried that it may get off track. The writers are walking a fine line between genius and crazy, as per usual, and they don’t always get it right. We just have to wait and see I guess.

    • I’m not sure how you can call Katie’s plot wrapped up, that ending was not “Katie has come to terms with her actions” that was “Katie has derailed and is on the path to crazyville.”

      She looks to have had a psychological break when she read that post card on her fridge. Something along the lines of a dis-associative state.

      • Completely agree. I actually like Katie as a character when she’s unhinged like this. But I also do not think that they can just end Drianca in the background of another scene. They’re not over. “Path to crazyvill”e is a great way to describe this episode.

      • totally agree, to me it seemd like by saying she doesnt have to pretend anymore she means being “little miss perfect” i can deff see her spiralling more into drugs & becoming kinda a cliche good girl gone bad

      • I’ll have to agree with New-be. It did feel like the classic degrassi NG ending “I learned something…freeze frame”. I’m also worried that next episode will focus on the effect on Drew. I will find it very very hard to feel bad for him. It might be wrong, but I’m glad Katy showed the video, he deserved it. Poor Bianca though, getting screwed by Drew…again. I get that Drew is the leading man with Eli but I really need a little break from him being an ass (over and over and over and over….well, at least with girls).

  7. I enjoyed the first half. I’m on Becky’s side with the whole play ordeal and I liked how she took Eli down a peg because he was in the wrong with trying to claim “partnership” and then sending her off to refreshments. There’s going to be a huge power struggle and I feel the play will either crumble or be wonderful because of it.

    I can’t ship Krew or Drianca anymore because of Drew’s behavior and despite what happened in the past, I do hope that Katie and Bianca can be civil (and one day friends). I did like Katie’s revenge and a part of me wonders if Dallas helped her purposefully or not. Katie’s reaction was realistic and relate able. She didn’t just smile and take it when Drew dropped her like that. Also unlike some women, Katie dished her revenge out to both Drew and Bianca. Drew was a fool to think starting a relationship with such a lie about something so important was okay or that he had the right to demand Katie to keep quiet.

    I’m really enjoying these niners (mostly Tristan and Maya). I felt bad for Tristan when he was laughed at and hurt by those hockey players at lunch. And while Owen’s response in the gym after telling him Cam wasn’t gay was a bit harsh, I do feel Owen was trying to protect him and his comment was nowhere near as painful as that lunch scene.

    Over all this was a good episode. Season 12 is on a roll.

  8. Another solid episode, but it really is more of a stand alone, than a two parter. I feel the writers don’t get that you can have continuous arcs without making every single plot a two part storyline. Besides that I enjoyed all of the plots. Katie is watchable now because I think the writers know what to do with her instead of letting flow with the wind. I didn’t like her crying in this episode though, it was over the top and so forced that it came off as comedic. Eli and Becky aren’t as annoying as I anticipated.

    I really liked the Tristan/Maya/Cam plot the most. I went through the same exact thing in high school as Tristan, crushing on a guy and trying to make them like you when 1) they aren’t even out (well in my case the kid actually was gay) and 2) has no romantic interest in you whatsoever. And I predict Tristan will have the same outcome as I did: he’ll pursue the guy becoming increasingly more obsessed to the point he does something stupid and it blows up in his face (but probably worse than it did for me). But I’m still glad that Degrassi is changing it up by focusing on something other than coming out and self-hatred for a gay male character. Even better, it busts the myth that after you come out, your one true gay love gets delivered at your door step and you stay together forever. Very rarely does that happen in real life, yet it happens on practically every teen show with a gay character.

    • ^this! As much as I want Tristan to be happy, if they want to keep it realistic, Cam will be straight straight straight.

      • The “Bite Your Tongue” promo pretty much indicated that Cam and Maya are going to be the next big romantic couple.
        Aside from Degrassi and the Australian series Dance Academy, I’m not aware of any teen shows that have gay characters at all.

      • I was referring to shows with primarily teenage characters, like Glee and 90210. Even teen gay characters on soap operas follow the same trope.

  9. OMG, I literally LOLed at Marisol talking about Jake being a rebound guy for Katie…”He’s used to it! That’s what he does!”

  10. Katie is officially my favorite character after seeing last night’s episode. I’m so glad that she stood up for herself and exposed Drew as the liar and manipulative jerk he’s always been. I only hope Bianca gets it and steers clear. I wonder when Katie’s going to dye her har black and become gothic like Ashley did after her breakup with Jimmy.

    I really liked Maya and Tristian. They’re such believable actors and work well together. So far, I’m loving this season!

  11. This episode was proof that promos are so misleading. I went into this expecting to be on Eli’s side, especially knowing how it’ll escalate when Romeo and Juliet: The Musical becomes Romeo and Jules. But he totally asked for it, honestly. Eli and Becky were both acting super condescending to each other, and I wanted to slap them both though, haha. I don’t really care to take sides right now, I’ll just sit here and enjoy watching the egos duke it out. Bless Clare for still being that person that tries to bring sense to Eli too.

    It’ll take a lot for me to actually like Katie but she’s definitely becoming compelling in a way that she wasn’t in Can’t Tell Me Nothing. Watching her snap in this way is the kind of all time low that I can get on board for. I’m also feeling Katie and Marisol’s friendship much, much more than when they were trying to make us care about their friendship in Don’t Panic. The Degrassi writers really should’ve let their relationship unfold naturally instead of immediately sticking them in vapid boy drama. Again, the promos were misleading in that it’s not really Katie vs. Bianca so much as it’s Katie vs. Drew. I would’ve been pissed if Katie blamed Bianca entirely for her relationship with Drew falling apart.

    I don’t know who I love more at this point, Maya or Tristan. These two need to always have scenes together because it’s perfection. Tristan is clearly comfortable with himself in a lot of ways, but it’s endearing to see him be socially awkward. Cam clearly has it bad for Maya already, and her being oblivious is hilarious. Also, Tris, what kind of retort is, “Go suck an egg”? Hahaha.

    Also: I am so, so excited for Tristan/Eli interaction. Tristan had me rolling on the floor for the two seconds in the promo he was freaking out over being cast in the lead, haha.

  12. @Kary I’m glad you left that last pic blurred. After I watched the episode, I’m happier that I didn’t know what would happen to Drew. But of course Teennick had to go one step further in the promo and flat out say that Alli was pregnant, so that sucks. I just hope we don’t have another episode with her parents flipping out! Stupid long story arc…

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