Degrassi HQ Promo Pics: Come As You Are

It felt like yesterday that Season 11 ended (every hiatus seems short compared to that 6-month one we had), but Degrassi returns on Monday for a 5-week barrage of 20 episodes. As you all know there’s a new episode everyone Monday through Thursday at its new timeslot, 10pm EST. You can check out promo pics from Part 1 and Part 2 below (click on the photos to see the full versions of them)

Come As You Are, Part 1 (Monday 7/16, 10pm)
Drew returns from break ready to end things with Katie. Clare is thrilled to see Eli, but is it mutual?

Come As You Are, Part 2 (Tuesday 7/17, 10pm )
After blacking out, Drew tries to piece together what happened at the party.

32 thoughts on “Degrassi HQ Promo Pics: Come As You Are

  1. I like the new theme though I think it’s crowed. Mainly te hockey team scene but I approve! Wish westly could’ve stuck through

  2. I can’t tell if Clare gets tipsy or not. She looks drunk in the one picture of Alli grabbing her arm, but in every other picture she looks pretty sober. Just from the pictures and the sneak peek I can tell Dallas is going to royally piss me off. I mean I could be wrong, but somehow I doubt it. Seems like the only likable new character is going to be Cam. But as I just said I could be completely wrong. I actually hope I’m not wrong, because having good antagonists makes for great television. I mean the Fitz rivalry and bullying in season 10 created some really good episodes for Degrassi.

    • I like this. The only thing I’m confused about (that we haven’t been giving any sort of idea about) is the Drew/Fiona friendship. Even the Jenna/Becky thing makes sense because, if I remember correctly, Becky wanted to be Jenna’s friend in the promo.

      Anyway, it’s good to see KC and Connor in the intro together again and to see other friendships like Alli/Clare and Tori/Tristan. Whisperhug was cool to see, but I’m still confused about how that’s going to work out.

      All in all, not the best intro ever, but better than season 11’s for sure.

      • I’m thinking that Drew starts to have an alcohol problem, since he uses it to kinda breakup with Katie. So he talks to Fiona about her alcohol addiction so he doesn’t become addicted and in the process they become friends.

    • I really hope they don’t. Already got 25+ people and it would make no sense to add more. Rather wait until the current seniors graduate before they add more characters. Just my thought.

  3. I really don’t think EClare is getting back together just yet. The writers will probably want to drag that out as long as possible to drive the fans wild. My prediction for this episode is that they’ll kiss but Eli will say something hurtful like he doesn’t think they should rush into anything, and Clare will get drunk because she’s hurt. :P

  4. Love the new opening but why are drew and fiona together playing with a basketball i wonder what they are going to be up to this season????

  5. I hate viacom and directTV right now im not going to get to watch degrassi because they still haven’t got their shit together to start making a deal >:(

    • I really wish an agreement would be made soon by tomorrow. It’s so stupid I think u can get the Chanel’s just have to pay even more then what you’re paying now which is retarded.

    • Thank you this season looks so good I wasn’t a fan of season 11 but this has a season 10 and 7 vibe which I’m excited about

  6. I think the new opening credits are good but in some parts they’re a little too relationship oriented and we all know that some of these relationships will be short lived anyway, I didn’t get the one with KC, Conner, Ms. Oh and Bianca and what the heck is up with Becky and Jenna just running through the halls aimlessly?! Other than that I thought they were cool.

    • I think the one with kc conor ms.oh and bianca is bianca joining the smart class , but im not sure and the becky and jenna just seems like friends :)


  8. My prediction for this ep. For eli and clare cause i dont get the biana, drew, katie thing is that (a clip from jemilight) eli and clare meet but eli didnt mention the kiss so clare gets frustrated and jake says if he kisses you that means hes interested. So clare gets to impacient at the party and talks to eli but he shrugs her off so she gets drunk and bumps into one of the hockey payers. They either A) hit on her B) make her mad or something to piss off Eli so they fight. Clare gets sober enough to talk to Eli (while after the fight he went to Drews backyard). They talk and finally kiss. Ending with eli looking athis bed smiling.

  9. according to the promo picture for “come as you are ” clare looked drunk but she didnt drink at the party im guessing that picture was apart of a deleted scene.

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