20 thoughts

  1. It’s either going to be Clare, Eli, or Fiona who get the logo. I have a feeling they might leave Clare for next year though, since it will be her senior year. I guess we will see.


  2. I agree, it will be Clare.

    I also think The Dot was the set that was being permanently removed. There hasn’t been a scene there in quite a while.


  3. I also assumed it was Clare who gets the logo. If not her, then I’m thinking either Eli or Adam. But I definitely think it’s Clare.

    I kinda thought the set that was being permanently removed was Fiona’s condo. It’d make sense for a number of reasons.


  4. Also, 27 credited people. That’s more than any other season. But it doesn’t look like they’ll have many underused people, at least going off of the episode descriptions. And the theme song seems to work better with these credits than last year’s.


  5. Kary- can you at least tell us if the episode where people talking may ruin a relationship will come during the summer block or not?


    1. It’s going to happen after the summer block. Right now they’re editing episodes after 1220. They’re working on the final mixdown for episodes 1217-1220, so they’re almost completely finished with the summer block.


  6. Kary you’re awesome :) so the LA movie wasn’t really shot in Cali?!? I’m so upset that directv doesn’t have teennick anymore :(


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