RSVP NOW For Degrassi’s Season 12 Premiere Party

You can now RSVP for MuchMusic’s Degrassi Premiere Party on Monday, July 16th.


The event will take place in the MuchMusic parking lot and will last from 6pm – 11pm.

6pm – 7pm:  New.Music.Live. will broadcast in the parking lot with the Degrassi cast.
7pm – 9pm:  The cast will hang out in the parking lot taking photos/signing autographs
9pm: Q&A session with the cast, which will also be streamed on
10pm:  Season 12 premiere airs
10:30pm:  Much has a “special surprise” for fans at the party

I’ll be there at the premiere so come find me.  I’ll be the black guy wearing the bright pink shirt.  I blame it on EClare because I blame them for everything.

7 thoughts on “RSVP NOW For Degrassi’s Season 12 Premiere Party

  1. Nice shirt Kary! LOL
    I hope everyone who goes has a great time meeting each other and the cast! Was gonna go this year, but have been busy trying to start my career. Hope I can go next year though!

  2. Really wish I could go to this, haha. Should be getting my license (and likely a car) sometime in January though, so here’s hoping they do another Party With Degrassi event next year.

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