The moment you’ve been waiting for is here…below is TeenNick’s official promo for Degrassi: Showdown, which will premiere on Monday, July 16th at 10PM EST.  The 10pm broadcast time is a change from the assumed 9pm time they’ve followed for the past 2 summer blocks.  We’re still waiting on word as to whether the 10pm time is for the premiere only, or for the entire summer block.

Anyway, this promo is titled “Bite Your Tongue.”

You can also download a version of the promo by clicking here.

My Thoughts

One of the questions people keep asking me is how this promo stacks up to Shark In The Water and Steal Your Heart. The more I think about it, the more I don’t understand why we’re trying to compare any of these promos to each other. At this point I don’t have a preference. They all have their certain strengths. They’re so insanely different from each other, but for me they all manage to do exactly what they’re supposed to do: get me excited for the upcoming season. If this promo had been the first “summer promo” ever aired I’m sure people would’ve been saying it’s the greatest promo ever, and saying how no promo after it would ever compare. I know there are people disappointed with this promo, but at the same time the summer promo is the only time when either network will step outside the box and show any sort of creativity, which we’ll never get with the rigid network and episodic promos. I ride TeenNick’s ass pretty hard on a regular basis, but I have to get them props when it’s due…I really enjoyed this promo.

Bite Your Tongue’s promo excels from a technical aspect, in particular the use of slow motion to enhance the dramatic elements. That combined with the yearbook theme, whose irony lies in the glimpses of chaos tucked in between the superficial smiles of the Degrassi students’ faces, makes for an exciting look at Season 12.

This had no effect on me, but some fans were put off by the promo’s “lack of mystery.” In “Shark In The Water” and “Steal Your Heart” we turned to those promos to give us a hint of some of the upcoming season’s storylines, with little to no knowledge beforehand of what was to come. “Bite Your Tongue” does the exact same thing, but the problem is we already knew about everything that was touched on in the promo. We already knew about the hockey boys being involved and causing trouble. We already knew there would be homophobic turmoil. We already knew there would be Krew/Drianca drama. We already knew Eli and Becky may or may not butt heads. Olivia and Dylan posted clues about the promo that gave away Maya and Cam before the promo made its debut. That’s the Degrassi world we live in now…we know everything about everything before anything actually airs.

And as far as the characters missing from the promo, Degrassi fans tend to forget that the cast members have lives outside of Degrassi.  Just because it doesn’t happen in the promo doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all or the characters are on the brink of being written off…there was no reference to EClare, do ya really think they’re gonna just up and forget about them in Season 12?  Getting the cast members together at once though is probably a rarity:


  1. Interesting promo… I like the way that it was filmed, but I really wish that Fiona or Imogen was in it… Wth? Maybe I’m missing them in that big group shot or something.

  2. I kinda like the humorous take on the promo…but it just doesn’t feel powerful enough to me? Shark In the Water had this sense of foreboding and pressure, while Steal Your Heart had this really lovely buzz of energy with darkness hidden beneath the surface. This has the foreboding feel but it’s just the dark humor of it that I’m coming to terms with still. Oh and the fact that it’s lacking Fimogen, which makes me have even less hope for development of their relationship…
    And Katie looks like a true HBIC in this. Bout fuckin time.

  3. Omg. That promo was crap. Shark in the water was a zillion times better. Not even all the characters are even in it. The only good thing was Drew/Bianca/Katie, and Maya and the new boy. Two freaking months and I have nothing but a SHITTY promo. Teennicks first clip was better than this shit.

  4. I don’t understand Clare’s purpose in the promo/upcoming season..she’s not involved in any drama, yet they focused on her at the end and make it seem like everything’s centered on her…kinda like Holly J in the circus promo.

    • Remember those episode summaries we got at the end of S11, about the divide in the school and Mr. Simpson’s new plan to solve disputes with a peer review. That was a Clare plot.

      My guess is she’s taking the role of trying to mediate all the disputes which will just blow up in her face as her plot this season.

    • In the first episode (Come as You Are) of season 12 Clare is put in the middle between Eli and Ali’s conflict then later (part 2) becomes “overwhelmed by relationship, school, and family stress” and develops insomnia. Maybe Clare won’t be as overly dramatic (but realistic at times) now that some issues have been resolved.

  5. I agree with whoever mentioned Clare being the center of attention. It reminds me of the fireworks promo where SO much time was centered around dancing with fireworks. I love Clare’s character but it makes me worry that there’s going to be a serious lack of development with Fiona and Imogen… If the purpose of them not being there signifies that they aren’t going to be involved in the drama, the why is Clare there?

    • I mean I guess you also have to consider that not only were Fiona and Imogen missing, but so were Alli, KC, Jenna, Owen, and a lot of others. Obviously this was just trying to emphasize the “showdown” aspect. If you really think about it, where would Fimogen have fit in if they were in this promo? I’m still completely disappointed that they aren’t in it but I don’t have any worries about them not being developed in season 12. And at least this way it’s more of a surprise. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • I really wasn’t sure where Fimogen would fit in… if there’s an episode with those anti-gay slurs written on the lockers, I thought that maybe they would be a part of the mocking from the hockey team, but the promo looks like that it’s just going to be Tristan (and maybe Adam) who get messed with. I noticed there were other characters missing as well though, but I mainly follow Fiona’s storyline. I just wished the promo would have been worked in a way where every character was at least seen at some point like Shark in the Water.

      • Owen was in the promo during the “gay bash” on Tristan… he was hiding behind the mask… he wasn’t anywhere else in the promo, though.

  6. So what was the point of Maya/Zig ?? And why so much attention devoted to Clare? She’s not even a fan favourite, people mostly like Eclare because of Eli anyways.

    • Im guessing she’ll have her own storyline. Stephen Stohn apparently hinted at her drinking or something.

      And i honestly thought this promo > Steal your heart.

  7. this one seemed so mediocre compared to the other ones. and WTF with Katie’s hair. I had to pause the video for a few mins just to make sure i wasn’t going crazy and it actually was her.

    • I really liked this promo. I know a lot of people are saying it was bad, but I think it was just a lot different than the other two. Where the other two showed all the characters and hinted at each character’s storyline, this one focused on rivalry. It was really more focused on one concept than the other ones. I’m just SOOOOO exited. I agree with you one Katie’s hair. WTF. Black really doesnt look good with her skin tone, the actress should try red, i bet it would look really pretty. But i’m guess it’s katie going goth, maybe the same way ashley went got because of Craig dumping her?

      • Ashley didn’t goth because Craig dumped her!! She went goth before she even had any type of relationship with Craig. Her main reason for going goth was because she messed up everything in the season finale of season 1 by taking drugs. Paige, Jimmy and all her other friends (except Terri) wanted nothing to do with her. She became friends with Ellie Nash and turned Goth… In summary Craig wasn’t even in the picture yet! Their first date wasn’t until the finale of season 2, where if you watch it, you’ll see that Ashley was wearing a very Gothic-Hawaiian outfit.

      • ^ Ashley going goth was one of the reasons I started to despise her character. She was so depressed that Paige, Hazel, and Jimmy didn’t want anything to do with her, then like two episodes later they’re all friends again and she’s still Miss Doom and Gloom. In comparison to what a lot of other characters dealt with and went through, Ashley practically had it the easiest (next to Hazel).

  8. I LOVE this promo! I thought the concept was a great idea. Plus it’s much more what Degrassi is really about then the last two promos. Everyone looks so nice and simple yet it’s so dramatic xD I’m glad we know more about some of the new storylines. So Tristan will get picked on by the Hockey team. Maya will find love but they’ll separated (by their friends?). A continuation of the Drew/Bianca/Katie love triangle, etc. I’m stocked :D

    • I think it was more a metaphor for Star crossed lovers… they are pulled away at the end, Maya by Tori and Cam by some guys in the hockey jackets…

      • I hate how the “stargazing club” was the only club that was actually metaphoric; I wish there was more consistency, if only one club is symbolic there should be some others too! In the Shark in the Water promo, every label had some kind of symbolism, and the only one here is the stargazers, with all the rest ‘theater’, etc. I’m kinda disappointed compared to the last two.

      • I don’t know…the Homecoming King/Queen one worked pretty well since that’s supposed to be a perfect couple and it’s a giant mess, and the Drama Club is full of, well, drama. I think the metaphors in those were a little different than the Stargazers one, but they were there.

  9. All feelings aside on not showing all of the characters on the promo, I can not stop watching it by the sheer awesomeness of how it was filmed. I have a feeling that I’m really going to like Maya this season. Her character seems like she’s going to show a softer side to herself. Also, I can totally see why her and the new character would be torn apart with him being a member of the anti-Tristan hockey team, and Tori ripping Maya away from them because she cares about Tristan. I like that storyline. Not only does it deal with Tristan’s character, but it deals with what his friend go through because of the gay bashing as well. I’m excited about that. I’m really curious as to what the heck is going on between Eli and the new girl. It seems like more than just a play tif… They look like they are going to punch each other in the face. I was kind of hoping that Clare’s character would be more torn in the promo and not just happily standing there. Since she’s a known religious character (sort of) and her best friend is like Adam. I thought she may be getting pulled in different directions by the Jesus Club and her open-mindedness. Lastly, Degrassi having an Astronomy club sounds awesome to me.

  10. Nothing will ever beat Shark in the Water. I still watch it to this day.

    Content wise, I like this one better than Steal Your Heart, but for the songs I like Steal Your Heart way better than Bite Your Tongue.

  11. Rewatching it a second time, this promo is awesome! Like Ally said, nothing will probably ever top Shark In The Water. Everything about it- the theme, the music, the setting, the “storyline” – was just perfection. You could tell it was planned out well in advance. On the contrary, Bite Your Tongue definitely beats out Steal Your Heart. I’m not saying that one was bad in the slightest, but it was short enough already and most of the time was spent with the characters running around on the beach or playing with sparklers. Not to mention, it was way too similar to the actual Augustana video.

  12. For the most part everyone that was focused on you could clearly see their storylines/drama… what Im confused with is Clare… Why would they have that focus on her? She was directly in the centre for the final shots and had this look of pure terror on her face… I wonder why…

    • I noticed that, too! Couldn’t figure out if it’s Adam taking Becky’s side or hm trying to get an overly intense Eli to calm down. Also, during any shot where they’re standing still, Adam and Becky are next to each other. Coincidence or hint?

  13. I really liked the promo. I thought the way it was presented was fantastic and that it gave small hints into overlapping story lines. I don’t think you can compare it to Steal Your Heart or Shark in the Water because they have totally different feels to each of them.

    As for the Clare focus, I think it just shows that either 1. she gets caught in the middle or 2. that we will get to see these major story lines happen from an outsider view of the scenario or 3. that Clare will finally turn into a relatively relate-able character with little drama and everything happens around her.

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  15. I actually really liked this promo, much better then the steal your heart promo. I just wish they used the whole cast.. I wish ali,Jenna,Fiona, and imogen were included.

  16. I think Bite Your Tongue is a more clever, biting approach for the big summer promo this time around. I don’t think they can keep churning out epic, grand, and romanticized music videos without it getting stale. Right now, I don’t love it nearly as much as Shark in the Water and Steal Your Heart, and I kinda feel a little underwhelmed by it (especially because I’ve been dying for this all day), but I think it’ll grow on me.

    On to the actual promo:

    LOL at Katie parading Drew around like a trophy boyfriend. I can tell TeenNick is trying to sell us on a future Katie vs. Bianca cat fight again, but after the way Bianca looked out for Katie in Hollaback Girl, I have a hard time believing it’ll actually materialize. This love triangle needs to just die.

    Dave’s a part of drama club…? I guess I’ll suspend disbelief for a bit, haha. Can’t wait to see the play conflict between Eli and Becky. Hope to GOD that nothing romantic will happen between them. He already has enough romantic stuff to sort out with Clare. Speaking of Eclare, I’m surprised they didn’t address them in the promo. I thought for sure they would play that card like they always do, haha. Could TeenNick finally be growing some brains about their lame marketing? And I hope this means Adam and Tristan will become friends! In Marco’s words, he can be his “yoda.”

    Oh, HELL NO, Maya better not be getting together with a gay basher. If my eyes don’t deceive me, Cam’s on that hockey team. Interesting that Tori and Mike are pulling the two of them apart. I hope this means Tori and Maya really will be friends because Zig is so not worth the fight, hah.

    Is Clare actually NOT apart of ridiculous drama this semester? The promo kinda indicates that she’s not really pleased with what will be going on around her. Dying at Justin and Demetrius whaling on each other, hahah. And please do not tell me Adam’s going to be involved with Becky. That can only lead to trouble.

    I just love really good rivalries (Spinner vs. Jimmy & Co., Manny vs. Paige) that actually seem plausible (Sorry, wasn’t a big fan of the S11 gang plot), so I’m really excited for S12. Especially since this conflict seems to boast the potential for some really good story lines that can involve many characters.

    • I mentioned my view on Clare’s part earlier. My guess is that the ‘prime’ rivalry is the Niner Quartet vs. Hockey Team. Other members of the old crew might draw in line with sides based on this fight.

      As for Bianca and Katie, Bianca’s side of the catfight we’ve seen her take the high road, Katie however seems to keep jumping off the rails when you give her the chance, so Katie seems to be the instigator for what’s going to happen. Possibly a repeat of the Craig not choosing plot from S2 where Drew’s inaction (not breaking up with Katie) will create Katie’s mindset.

      I’m thinking the Eli and Becky divide will be a simple director vs. diva fight. Depending on how Antag Becky is she’ll either be dating/interested in Adam, putting Adam between them, or using Adam as a way to try and maneuver Eli (making her scum). It might connect to the Hockey Team thing but I’m not seeing it. It’s hard to put either of them on party lines with the Hockey Team.

      The biggest question mark will be does this plot mean Owen gets development, given we see him in the Hockey jacket in a promo. Since we didn’t see much of him post Anya leaving. It’ll be an interesting half-season for sure.

      • You have a point with the whole becky/adam thing. I’m just going to be soooooooo mad, just boiling mad if they make her into a love interest for Eli. Come on, girls and guys can hate each other’s guts and NOT want to rip their clothes off (hmmmmmmmmm Eli with no clothes….. happy smile). If they end up making this into and Eli/becky/clare triangle ill be pist.

    • How do you know that Adam getting involved with Becky will lead to trouble? The promo looks like it might stir up things between him and Eli, but Adam may actually have a real relationship this time around. And I don’t think that just because Cam is part of the hockey team, it makes him a gay basher. If you watch the promo closely, to me, it kind of looks like he’s holding the hockey team BACK from Tristan for a while like he’s NOT for it while they are yelling at Tristan. I don’t think the entire hockey team are gay bashers. He’s being pulled away from Maya, just as much as she is being pulled away from him by other people, indicating to me that he isn’t necessarily like the rest of the team.

      • Well, judging from the promo, I’ll assume it’s not an epic relationship if one will happen between Becky and Adam. And if it wasn’t leading to some trouble, well, the promo wouldn’t have implied it, haha. If anything, it’s Camaya or whatever it’s being called that’ll have the grand romance since they’re being focused on. And you may be right about Cam, now that I’m taking a closer look. I won’t over assume anything about anyone though until I actually see it.

    • Oh my goodness. I’m going to high school next year and I pray to God that it is not this dramatic. I hope to be more the Clare in the promo (not real life Clare), where I stay out of it and run away. But if I ever get dealt with a Drew/Katie/Bianca sitiuation believe I will act like Katie and I will take that girl down.

    • During that video I just kept thinking good job Katie trash that car and then take down the boyfriend thief. WooHoo!!!! Does that make me a bad person or a true die hard Katie fan?

  17. Apparently, the missing cast in the promo may not be an indication that they are absent for this drama going on according this tweet about the Degrassi promo by Stephen Stohn‏

    not all the actors could be there on that particular day, but we got most of ’em!!!!

    Retweeted by Lyle O’Donohoe

  18. y does this remind me of when Lakeharst came to Degrassi and im excited for the Maya romance and i hope that blode isnt another interest for Eli i hope its just that they dont get along

    • I was never a big fan of the Lakehurst feud… it was too convenient for my taste that their school magically burned down. I’m excited for this block because it seems like the conflict is more organic.

  19. I think the reason why Clare is centered at the end is because she might be the only sane one NOT going crazy. She could be the one trying to hold the school together.

    Hence: “Saint Clare”

  20. I really…really…really liked the promo. Shark in the Water felt “dangerous”. Steal Your Heart felt like “Chaos”. And this felt…”fun”. Even if the issues presented like the Becky and Eli feud, Drianca romance, Tristan bullying, and Clare’s life being chaos the music made it funny. The message was still told very well and shows that on the surface all may seem fine, but underneath it all we’re being torn apart. The creativity shown here was simply perfect.

  21. I honestly think the Eli and Becky fight has to do with this play basically bunting heads. Artistic differences. We all know Eli is hard headed when it comes to his writing. Adam I think is trying to stop the feud. Clare I think may have somehow unintentionally may have triggered this feud with everyone it only takes one bad choice.

  22. What a fun promo! I love the school picture day context, and the idea that photos may serve as forms of documentation, but they can’t capture what goes on when the camera is off.

  23. Katie and her sister look like vampires and it is awesome. Also, both of them are having love issues.

  24. I would just like to say, it looks like since Adam was defending the girl Eli was fighting with, we might see some drama with the two best friends.

  25. I wonder if Adam and Becky have some kind of love connection this season the way he seems to be defending her…that would be an interesting twist!

    I don’t know why. c:
    She’s just so…
    And he’s very….
    BLERGH! I ship ’em.
    I’m done.

  27. I looked at the little scene of Maya and Cam and I literally said “I like this…this I like” because they are so cute. Then they just make out in all that chaos just makes me say “Awww…they should really stop and get out of that mess.”

  28. Im looking foward for season 12 except for the Eli/Clare and Bianca/Drew crap. Bianca and Eli should hook up later in the season ;) Anyways Im intrigued by this Eli, Adam, Becky drama. The new hockey team and Clare dealing with all the negativity and fighting around her, as in school, realtionships at home and friends. She is going to be a mess keeping her from Biting her tongue. I think that was part of the premise of the promo

    • i agree.. i think that eli and bianca would make the hottest couple, if and only if, i’m basing it off of looks! Sadly, i don’t see how their characters could work out!

  29. They need to unify the characters’ storyline more or at least acknowledge other characters’ acknowledging other characters.

  30. I continue to be unaffected by the current “generation” of Degrassi, especially now that they are introducing so many new characters, while plenty of the current ones we already have, have not received ample material in quite a while.

    Why do they bother to introduce 4 new characters in the middle of a school year? It’s going to take me even longer to warm up to these 4 newbies, when I’m still trying to get adjusted to the niners, as well as Jake, Marisol, Katie and Mo from the season prior. Introducing new characters doesn’t always help move stories forward, especially when you already have an extremely large cast to work with.

    Even the original Degrassi in the 80’s suffered from a similar issue, introducing a younger class, as well as some of the upper classmen in HS, which sidelined most of the supporting players not named Joey or Caitlin. Not that I believe everyone in the cast deserves the same attention, but if you’re brought on as a main player (rather than someone like Fitz), you deserve to receive enough character development as everyone else. Case in point: Owen. What exactly has he done? Even his involvement with Anya was minimal at best and all he was used for during this last block of episodes was to tie him to one of the niners. He’s the perfect example of why you don’t necessarily need to main-cast someone as tertiary as his character.

    • I agree with everything you said, ScottyB. Also, as a side-note, I hope that Imogen has at least one episode of back story before she graduates.

  31. Honestly what is the point of any of these characters? Every episode of this season and in the past have been rated Cs in my book. Degrassi overflows us with new people with hopes to entice us. Unfortunately when the episodes are actually released, they are made out to be simple and plain. All of them. Even Eli.

    I find it pointless how they throw these “deep” story lines, but have no idea how to execute them properly. I felt no emotion at all after what happened to Dave’s replacement girl. Or when Katie did drugs. Or when Bianca got all depressed and tried to leave the place. I didn’t even get that ‘shocked’ over what happened to Adam. Or when Eli went mental. Everything feels rushed, incomplete, and one dimensional, and it has been that way for a long time. I really don’t know how to explain it, but I’m just not “feeling” anything with Degrassi like I did with the first generation of people.

    First of all, I’m not even the type of person that hates change either. I don’t simply hate the new people because they are new. In fact, I started watching Degrassi when the 8th season was out. It wasn’t until around summer of that year I decided to watch the first few seasons of Degrassi. During those moments I became totally and completely enthralled with the show and it’s characters. I mean I actually and genuinely cared about those people, and not just a few of them, but all of them. Even Hazel. (From like seasons 1-4) The show just had it’s special thing where it felt truly real, they didn’t need any fancy lighting or even great actors. The story that was told was told right. Therefore I actually felt.

    It’s funny how now they throw in these phrases like, “In too deep” and “It’s about to get real” and “The Boiling Point” when it is not that at all. They should’ve used those phrases back in 2001 when the show actually was those things. All degrassi is now is fancy lighting, good looking new characters, startling trailers, and dramatic slogans.

  32. Love that they used a song by Morningwood! hate that everyone would rather hate on/ dwell on the fact that not EVERY character is in the promo & reading into what there absence means when S.S. stated that its only because NOT EVERYONE COULD BE THERE

  33. I don’t think I’ve seen Steal Your Heart, but Shark In The Water was simply amazing and this doesn’t come close. However, I really liked the part about Tristian and the hockey team. From what I’ve seen, I like Tristian a lot so far and the look on his face when he was being gay bashed broke my heart. I’m hoping for more Fimogen development this season, after the way it was rushed into, because Fiona’s one of my favorites and I want something to work out for her, damnit. Also, I think Clare being focused on was how she’ll be more of a spectator to the drama rather than a part of it, but that’s my theory. Not sure how I feel about Maya/Cam, but I’m kinds put off by Maya due to the fact that she looks a LOT like an English teacher I had. I am excited for this season though, I’m really hoping for Adam to FINALLY get a girlfriend and I’m rooting for all of them except Drew. :)

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