Degrassi Episode Review: Take A Bow

I’m gonna write this review differently because there’s more than just the plots to discuss.  I’m only gonna bother grading the top two plots (Fiona and Krew), since Anya’s was a throwaway anyway.

EPISODE SUMMARY: Prom’s only a few days away, and everyone has a date except Fiona.  She runs into Charlie, who ends up being her prom date in exchange for Fiona letting Mr. Tuxedo Pants stay with her.  Fiona goes to Charlie’s art show and buys the painting Charlie did of her.  Fiona learns that Charlie has a girlfriend, and heads home to drink her sorrows away, and lets Mr. Tuxedo Pants run away.

At graduation, Fiona’s too concerned with her own sadness to care that Holly J’s going to miss prom because her kidney transplant surgery is on the same day.  The seniors finally graduate.  Fiona leaves graduation to buy another bottle of alcohol, but she’s caught by Charlie.  After a scolding from Charlie about how she pushes people away, Fiona goes to visit Holly J during her final dialysis.  She apologizes and surprises Holly J with a pre-prom party for them, Chantay and Anya.  The girls dress up and cruise the city in a limo, ending up at Degrassi.  They express their fears over the future (and Fiona confesses that she lost her sobriety), and they leave handprints with their initials in fresh cement on the sidewalk.  Fiona apologizes to Charlie about Mr. Tuxedo Pants, who was finally found, and reveals that she’s checking herself back into rehab for the summer.

Meanwhile, Katie and Drew are going to prom together, but Marisol asks Katie what she’ll do when Drew wants to have sex.  Katie ends up asking Drew if he’s been tested for STI’s, and tells him that she’s up for having sex even though she’s not ready.  Drew invites her over to watch a movie, so she invites Marisol too to play the role of buffer.  Katie finally comes clean about not being ready to have sex, and Drew tells her he invited her over to meet his mom.

SIDE PLOTS: Anya’s officially leaving for the Army after prom, but isn’t in shape yet.   Owen agrees to help her train, and she shows the more confidence than she’s had in a while.  Also, Riley tells his mom he’s gay whether she likes it or not, and she finally quits being in denial.


Fiona/Charlie has been one of the weakest storylines of Season 11, but it was very well done in Take A Bow.  They finally got back to the genuine emotion I love from Fiona Coyne…Annie Clark does it so well.  I felt awkward when Fifi was all giddy and awkward after her feelings returned for Charlie, and I felt heartbroken when she broke down and started drinking again.

I love how Fiona’s drinking didn’t become a spectacle…I’m talking about something along the lines of her crashing the art show or crashing graduation in a drunken state.  And while it’s a big deal that she broke her sobriety, the fact that she fears a future of loneliness (and a much bigger issue in my eyes) was always front and center.


I still feel no chemistry between Krew, but I did enjoy the awkwardness Katie brought to the table.  We all know how Degrassi likes to randomly transform strong, capable women into OOC piles of mush whenever a guy comes around. And I wanted to rip into the show for doing that with Katie….but then I remember that they actually listed guys as being her weakness in her character description.  So it wasn’t all that random for Katie to be so uncomfortable after all.  I just hope that the tough, no-nonsense Katie we saw isn’t completely overshadowed in the second half of Season 11 by a need to only focus on her and relationships (like they’ve done for the most part with Clare now).

It’s weird how Katie and Marisol’s friendship received more development in this episode than it did before Don’t Panic. This episode showed that if done right, Marisol’s lack of a filter can be more entertaining than annoying.


The graduation itself was anticlimactic, and just seemed to fly by. For me it wasn’t as emotional of a moment as I thought it’d be, and that was kind of disappointing.  The biggest thing that hurts Degrassi upon graduation is the loss of Holly J.  She’s a strong character portrayed by the show’s strongest actress (Charlotte Arnold).  And with her departure also goes the friendship between her and Fiona, which is one of the best friendships in the history of this show.  These are huge gaps to fill…I don’t expect them to be filled immediately, but it can be done.

Of course looking at things with rose-colored glasses we’ll miss them, but in reality there won’t be too much loss from the other seniors:

SAV: I’ve loved the progression of his character, especially in Season 10. But they simply ran out of things for him to do, and his type of character can be easily replaced.

CHANTAY: The true last remnant of the original students from TNG, there’s no way to replace the meme that is Chantay Black.

ANYA: A lot of Anya’s time on the show was spent being in the shadow of other characters. By the time she’d finally started to develop on her own, it was time for her to graduate.

RILEY & ZANE: Don’t even get me started with these two, one of the biggest wastes of material on the show. Why bother giving them a storyline if you‘re not going to do anything with them?  There had to have been some sort of production issue, or scheduling conflict with Argiris and Shannon to where they couldn’t film on a regular basis…because there’s nothing else to explain how Ziley could be featured in an episode, then completely drop off the face of the planet for such long periods of time.  And what little screen time they had was devoted to the same old “one step forward, two steps back for Riley” routine, so even if parts of their storyline were great it got old soon after. Let’s hope not every waking moment for Degrassi’s next male gay character is spent on the dynamics of him trying to come out.

99 thoughts on “Degrassi Episode Review: Take A Bow

    • Isn’t prom usually BEFORE graduation anyway? It was in my day.

      However, Degrassi Universe logic would dictate that the students would not be able to have graduation on school grounds after prom because there is always a fire in the gymnasium during prom. This is why they were able to have Emma/Manny/Liberty/Toby/Ashley/Spinner/Drake?s graduation at Degrassi. Unfortunately, there was a 10-alarm blaze at the downtown Toronto Marriott.

      • Yeah, it’s best not to dwell too much on Degrassi Time Logic, but I watched the preview for tonight’s ep and couldn’t help thinking, “why are the doing grade 9 orientation at the END of the school year?”

      • Well, at my friends high school they had graduation before prom..something about letting them focus on exams and it being the last time for the seniors to truly have fun

  1. There is a little part of me that wants Fi and Eli to be together but I know that will never happen. But they are just so cute together but I would be sad if there friendship ends.

  2. fiona and eli have amazing chemistry i think they have made the season their friendship . . . actually in general i believe that the best storylines of season 11 were friendship not relation ship who agrees

  3. I can’t believe Degrassi is losing the incredible acting talent that is Charlotte Arnold. Ugh, I just don’t want to see Holly J go. :( Her development and evolution as a character since her first days in S7 has been one of my favorite to watch. I’d say that’s even up there with watching Manny and Spinner mature and grow. I might tear a bit tonight for Holly J’s sake. I’d be just as sad about Sav leaving but since Alli’s still in Degrassi, I’m sure we’ll see appearances from him in the future.

    • Honestly of all the seasons worth of characters, Holly J has been my favorite. Even though she only came in season 7 I’m really going to miss her at Degrassi.

    • I’ve seen plenty to indicate that people are upset about Holly J leaving…does anyone care that we won’t see Declan again either? Who here thinks Declan got the shaft? A show of hands? No? He’s paying for Holly J to go to Yale. Anyone? Yeah, me neither!

      Oh, Holly J! I will miss you so!

      • I don’t think Holly J accepted his money to pay for Yale. That’s why she’s been working, to save up money for school.

        Though as a Dolly J fan I love that they sort of hint that they may get back together at Yale.

  4. thank god drew and katie arent having sex! omg. but i still am skipping their scenes lol… im so upset that some characters are leaving! :(

    • Meh…the less said about Riley and Zane, the better

      I wish they gave more time to Chantay and have her rant about all the kids at Degrassi not giving a damn about her until graduation.

    • And I love how in that five seconds Riley’s Mom just all of a sudden was, “OK. I really wanted my son to get with a girl…a really beautiful girl…make babies, gyros, & babaganoush…’Riley, are you really sure you want to **offensive hand gesture** with another man? Maybe I could convince you with some baklava?’ You know what? I love my gay, Greek son!!”

      Why is it that the writers portray the parents of prominent gay chatacters as fresh-off-the-boat? Could someone please have told Marco’s dad that there isn’t a vowel at the end of every word in English? I wouldn’t be surprised if Riley’s mom’s name isn’t Zorba for crying out loud! Ooh! Alli’s parents have thick accents and Old World ways – what about a ‘Fialli’ storyline next year?! I don’t have anything against gays/lesbians nor immigrants, but how has this turned into a recurring motif? Am I wrong to **facepalm** at that?

      • Yeah, it’s a bit annoying — it’s not like immigrants are the only ones who are socially conservative and homophobic. Assimilated families and Western European white people can be just as bad.

        At least with Sav and Alli, their parents have been decently fleshed out as characters and we get the whole “I worked super hard to give you better opportunities than I had, don’t waste them” perspective. Generational clashes can make very interesting storylines but you’ve got to have real characters on both sides, not cartoonish figures like Riley’s mom.

  5. Well it happened, but Chantay finally graduated. It only took her a decade to finish up but she’s on to bigger and better things now.

    I wish they cut the Marisol/Drew/Katie plot and focused on Sav/Zane/Riley instead. The girls got a nice goodbye scene, so why can’t the guys?

    How lame was their graduation on the steps of the school? They must have broken the bank of the grad fund when they built the new radio station and installed the rock climbing wall.

    Plus the prom is also at the school? Who the hell was the student body treasurer?

    • Seriously at this point there was no reason they should focus on Sav, Zane or Riley. IT”S JUST TOO LATE to give them screen time. They should give all the screen time to Marisol and Katie (and the juniors) because at least we know they will be here for a while so the screen time isn’t going down the drain.

      • It’s hard to give a send off to underdeveloped characters aka Riley & Zane. At the very least Sav could of got a better send off (well I won’t say anything because he does have one more plot during prom). However Riley and Zane are just too underdeveloped. Some more screen time and time apart could of made them great characters (especially after seeing Riley finally be a support character for Anya and have that little stint in the school play).
        Their potential was wasted entirely. Right now to me, they only fit into the Blue and Leia category. They are truely no better than Chantay because they lack depth that other characters like Holly J, Fiona, and even Anya have tons of.

      • riley was somewhat developed when he first came on cause he was used in most peter plots as well but Zane? why would they make him a main character

      • They could have easily given Zane and Riley a nice sendoff. I think they should get back together at prom at least..

      • I wouldn’t say Riley was underdeveloped — aside from the early Peter plots, his denial of his sexuality and his anger issues made for a very interesting arc, and I thought the “Boiling Point” stuff between him and Drew was interesting. It’s more like the writers just stopped after he got with Zane and came out to the school.

    • The only guys to get A-Plots this season where Drew, Eli, Dave, and KC shared a few

      All the girls minus Imogen, Bianca, Marisol, and Chantay got their own A-plots.

      I understand the majority of the fan base is girls but I hate how unbalanced its becoming.

      • If they make you a main cast member, then you definitely deserve an A plot of your own, although I can understand why the newbies may not get them right away. I’d definitely love to see more Imogen-centric plots during the second half of the season. I’m already in Katie-overload.

      • you forgot adam got his own A plot and Owen was in a lot of A and B plots as a supporter also Wesley and Connor aren’t ready for A plots in my opinion they are better suited for the weird b plots and sav has had a plots in the past and was in A LOT of b plots so i think that being in a large amount of b plots counts as being in 1 A plot

      • That’s total BS. Conner and Wesley could carry an A plot if they gave them the good material. Wesley could easily do something crazy, and Conner could explore his mental illness in a more serious matter than PANTY STEALING.

  6. LOL, Clare’s mom and Jake’s dad getting married. Saw that from a mile away.

    And did Drew ignoring Bianca’s call give anyone else chills?

      • Have you seen the amount of flatscreens in that place?! Degrassi passes out iPhones at Grade 9 Orientation. Duh! :-)

        Sent from my iPhone

      • It’s not incest if you’re not related. It might not be common for step siblings to date (especially young adults who weren’t raised together) but it happens.

  7. I honestly think part 1 was better. I liked the overall plot but I thought graduation woulda been better but it wasnt as emotional. Not bad but not great. I liked 7th season graduation more. It was more emotional

    • But on a serious note. This was super sad. I hated Holly J and Anya in S7 sort of how I hate Katie and marisol. But now that they are leaving it was really sad. Glad Holly J put Fiona Straight with her bullshit. How is she going to act like that, when Holly J could die during the surgery.

    • ^^^ THIS
      No matter how many of you make fun of Chantay, I feel so bad that she’s gone. In a way she was like that favorite teacher in school that’s been there forever and now they are gone all of a sudden!? It hurts.. :(

      • Maybe Chantay will flunk out of college, (TU or Smithdale?), and come back to Degrassi as a sassy lunchlady giving advice to niners in season 13. OMG! Who’s going to maintain the Degrassi Grapevine now?!?!

        She will be missed though. I liked the kitschy-ness of her character.

    • Marisol has had more lines in one season than Chantay ever had.

      Feel bad as she was just the token black character ala Hazel

      • But Chantay has said more meaningful and funny things than any of the cruddy lines Marisol has said so far.

  8. BTW I am really pumped for Drew’s plot. I cannot wait. I’ve been waiting for Drew & Vince’s meeting. And I wanna kno when is Krew going to break up.

  9. So I wasn’t really expecting much from the graduation episode, but Degrassi kind of blew me away. The entire episode was really touching, from Fiona’s struggles and her realizing she needs to go to rehab, to the scene with all of the girls placing their handprints on the sidewalk (which I found especially touching. They even threw u a line or two and it was nice to see her included when she could’ve easily been left out. I will miss Holly J’s character immensely, it appears that Aislinn Paul is next up to fill the same sort of lead female character role with Clare and I will be interested to see further development of her character now that Charlotte is officially gone from the show. Also I love everything about Holly J and Fiona’s friendship, they remind me so much of myself and my best friends. Sidenote: LOL at the awkward Sav and Ms. Oh hug.

    The Krew plot was semi entertaining but really didn’t need to be as long as it was. I get that Katie is especially shy around boys because of her lack of experience, but I found it kind of hard to make the leap that someone who is usually so assertive couldn’t just find a more straightforward way to tell Drew she didn’t want to have sex. Also for all the Marisol haters, this plot proved that Marisol actually is a decent friend to Katie, because it is awful to be a third wheel and to volunteer to be on is definitely a kind gesture. I do like that the writers have continued to show Drew’s annoyance with Katie and Marisol’s friendship. It may not be a salacious storyline but so often there is drama between the best-friend and the boyfriend.

    Tomorrow’s promo: Teen Nick beat me to it again! Right before Take A Bow Part 2 went off I was thinking about why Cake would be splitting up. Alot of Eclare fans were hoping it’s because Clare still has feelings for Eli but I knew it would be about their parents getting married. My guess is that while Clare is ready to rebellious and challenge their parents by announcing their dating Jake isn’t so keen on the idea. Initially he goes along with it but finally at the dance he tells Clare it’s all just too complicated and he’d rather they be friends (At least this is what I’m sincerely hoping!). I’ll admit here that I used to be a fan of Eclare and will always have a soft spot for the pairing but that has nothing to do with me desperately wanting to see the demise of Cake. I want Cake to end because it sucks the life out of both Jake and Clare as characters. In a relationship together, Clare seems to lack compassion, erratic and really silly and Jake has no personality. 40 plus episodes have gone by and we know nothing about him and he’s been in Now or Never since the beginning. I’m excited that the end of Cake will bring life to Jake’s character and a reboot for Clare.

    I know people will be unhappy with the way Riley’s constant battle with coming out was so neatly wrapped, but really what else could the writers do at this point? There was just nowhere else to go with his character.

    I’m super excited for the final two episodes and all the reactions of the Degrassi fans : )

  10. It has become clear to me that the two best Degrassi characters this season are Mo and Mr. Tuxedo Pants.

    The arguments for Mo:
    (1) Everyone is under the impression that the ‘strong guys’ are Riley, Owen, and Zane. Guess again. No one in any high school would ever mess with the wrestling team’s undefeatable heavyweight. Still not convinced? Imagine the Anya/Owen miracle workout scene with Anya/Mo. Case closed.
    (2) He was robbed in the election because of an obvious conspiracy by Mr. Simpson to only permit presidents who can fill out, to his exacting specifications, a tight t-shirt.
    (3) The ultimate hook-up of Mo and Marisol is a no-brainer. First, “Marmo” is only one “t” from Marmot, perhaps the cutest mammal to ever get eaten on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Second, it presents the opportunity for what could be the single greatest scene in Degrassi history, in which Marisol loudly explains to Katie, plus all the other customers at The Dot, the mechanics of sex between a scrawny wench who can’t shut up and a 300 pound leviathan who is constantly humming the Sav Bhandari songbook.

    The arguments for Mr. Tuxedo Pants:
    (1) When they were homeless, I had more sympathy for Mr. Tuxedo Pants than for K.C.
    (2) When they were “caged,” I had more sympathy for Mr. Tuxedo Pants than for Adam.
    (3) When they were given no lines, I had more sympathy for Mr. Tuxedo Pants than for Chantay.
    [sensitive readers should probably stop here]
    (3) Mr. Tuxedo Pants might be the pussy that has spent the most time in Fiona’s bedroom.

    Thank you, and good night.

    • lmaoooooo! i was thinking the same thing when she said she set charlie cat free

      imma miss chanty tho.. i was so mad she didnt comb her hair for graduation or preprom. not 1 one glam shot of her ..liberty looked a messed all 4 years but at that prom she was glammed up. it was chanty time to shine and she didnt. i hope she join the degrassi faculty now…she would make a great guidance counselor

      holly j- i always liked holly even when she was a bitch.. i cant believes she gone she use to have all those zingers” mama mia lookin for a baby daddy” lol holly j get my highest honor

      imma also miss punkass anya lol she was such a pushover now she all army tough

      i want to see charlie and fiona get back together

      the rest of the episode was full of awwwwwws for me i was awwwing at everything

      great episode :)

  11. EXTREMELY well-done and satisfying graduation episode. Fiona just always moves me to tears whenever she’s facing her demons. And Krew actually didn’t bore me to tears, they were pretty entertaining! “Feel free to tweet that!” Ahahah.

  12. My thoughts on Take A Bow: First, I’m devastated they’re all leaving! Holly J better be like Declan and visit from time to time while she’s away. Second, CHANTAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! I actually may miss her most of all, since she IS the oldest Degrassi student left. And Riley coming out: nice touch. I’m glad for once they sealed the deal on him, not like Sav and Zane. And then there’s Krew: good storyline. I loved Drew’s acting and for once I didn’t want to scream: “SHUT UP, MARISOL!” But seriously, this is some Katie-overload, and since one of the new students is her little sister, we know we’ll get plenty more of her soon. Most of all, I’m glad the graduates got a full episode, not just some 3 minutes at the end.

    Fiona/Charlie/Holly J: A+
    Graduates (as a whole): A+
    Anya: B
    Katie/Drew: B

  13. Holly J & Fiona stole the whole episode! Annie Clark has taken her acting classes to heart. Now that Charlotte Arnold is now a Degrassi alumn, I think Annie Clark will take the lead as head actress of the show.

    It’s sad seeing Chantay go, long live the grapevine. Hopefully Dave resurrects it!

  14. So… somebody IS going to make GIFs of the girls during their limo ride, right? Right?! I really need to have Queen Chantay dancing by herself in the roof of the limo, stat. I NEED MY TAYTAY, damn it.


  15. I think one of my favorite parts of this episode was the hospital scene. “It’s about celebrating everything we’ve been through together one last time.” Folly J is so beautiful. I’m going to miss this friendship so much.

  16. Ha, that “Hey Riley” scene was the “bittersweet” Ziley moment Shannon tweeted about a few weeks ago? The one that fans were supposed to be pleased with?

  17. I actually thought the graduation scene was a lot better than some in the past, but to me the most powerful scene had to be when Holly J, Anya, Chantay and Fiona were standing outside the school. This one scene made up for the uselessness everyone saw/felt in Chantay

  18. Part 2 has to be one of my all-time favourite Degrassi episodes. It was the perfect send-off for the graduating girls. Sure it could have been over-dramatic and super-emotional, but I prefer the note they choose to end it on. I’m really gonna miss Holly.J, she really made her mark in Degrassi’s history. She started as an annoying bitch with bad storylines and transformed into a strong women :)

  19. you know what i just thought of it probably wont happen but imagine if the person to die is Holly J from her surgery and someone fainted when they heard the news that would be so interesting

  20. Holly J is going to die tonight. They wrapped up her friendships on a good note, and she is one of the only who’s end plot they’ve yet to take care of. Also, they have never had a student die from a non-violent act before. Oh gosh, cannot wait for tonight’s epi!

      • They also said someone would die in the boiling point, though. Morty dying was a cop out in my opinion, haha. Perhaps they’re trying to throw us off.

  21. It was really disappointing that they didn’t show the families in the audience. The only one we got to see was Riley’s mom for what felt like a split second.

    We should have seen the Bhandari’s, Anya’s and HJ’s. Heck, Officer Turner should have been there supporting his niece. They tried to pack too much into the episode, which is unfortunate. They could have cut the Krew/Marisol scenes in half.

    • So true! We should have seen the Bhandari’s at least! They have been the big family on the show these past couple of years!

  22. Honestly, I expected more from graduation. I expected to get emotional but it just went by fast. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because the rest of the episode made up for it and I could see that they were trying to include a lot of stuff, but the graduation was just there because it needed to happen even though that wasn’t the main focus which is unfortunate, but there’s only so much you can do with 22 minutes.

    The Krew plot was good for comic relief. Like Katie’s awkwardness on the couch when she thought Drew wanted to have sex now.. And Drew telling Marisol “Feel free to tweet it!”. I’m just curious, does it really take 5 seconds for the results of an STI test to come back? Lmao..

    I realized a little bit after the episode was over that this was probably Holly J’s last appearance. As far as I know, Dead & Gone takes place on the day of the prom. Part 1 is day time, during Grade 9 orientation, then Part 2 is prom. I’m not an expert on surgeries, but I’d assume that Holly J is in full prep for surgery and then actually getting the surgery during the events of Dead & Gone, so she’s probably gone.. That makes me really sad because she’s grown on me as my favorite character, and boy, I never knew that back when Standing in the Dark premiered, the girl that smacked Darcy’s lunch out her hands would make me nearly cry to see her leave. I think the sendoff for the girls were great, I just hope that Riley and Zane get a good sendoff also.. I never really cared for Ziley, but Riley’s out of the closet now! Can’t they just get together, just show 1 kiss or them making up or something?

    I was super excited for Dead & Gone, but as soon as I saw Cake in that promo, I was disappointed. I knew they were gonna be in the episode, but I didn’t know they were going to have a serious plot. I honestly don’t get why they can’t just forget about B and C-plots. Like today’s episode was a perfect example, although they were only 2 plots, the 2nd one took a bit of potential screen time from the 1st plot.. In Dead & Gone, Cake is going to take potential screen time from the real drama which disappoints me. I don’t have high expectations for this episode at all because TeenNick already screwed up with their promo and Cake is in the episode.

    One question, can someone explain to me why it seemed like Holly J didn’t like Charlie? Like Holly J was saying on Monday “You aren’t seriously considering going to her show, are you?” What would be wrong with Fiona going to Charlie’s show? Am I forgetting something bad that Charlie did or something?

  23. I’m really sad about this class. With the first two we knew we would see them into college for a bit. And the third one… eh. I was not that attatched to them and Degrassi jumped right into the Boiling Point (not that their graduation was a big deal at all, just a small scene in the movie).

  24. Good episode. Regarding Anya going and donning her gear for Owen, it hit a note for me. I’m currently training in hopes of getting in the Air Force. I ordered an Air Force t-shirt off of Amazon. When Anya mentioned that she felt she had finally “earned the right” to wear her gear, that line spoke to me. I’ll do the same thing as she- I’ll wear the shirt when I feel I’ve earned the right to.

  25. I cried during this episode. But the Krew plot annoyed me. I feel like we’re having a Krew/Marisol overload. I don’t care about them! I want to see the seniors, considering these are their last few episodes! I love the seniors (well, some of them) and I’m sad to see them go. :( I’m really hoping for a good summer finale, but I don’t expect much from Dead and Gone. They haven’t shown much of Cake since they got together so how can we care that much if they break up? They weren’t together that long either. For once Clare should just not be in a relationship and have a plot outside of boys.

  26. I loved Dead and Gone Part 1. My heart was racing the whole time. I find it impossible now that Dead and Gone Part 2 will be a letdown, but if it is……then…..

    • Oh, and for once I like Jake. He’s just trying to make Glen and Helen happy. Clare, on the other hand, I believe she’s being an insensitive bitch.

  27. “There had to have been some sort of production issue, or scheduling conflict with Argiris and Shannon to where they couldn’t film on a regular basis…because there’s nothing else to explain how Ziley could be featured in an episode, then completely drop off the face of the planet for such long periods of time.”

    Um yes, yes there is a reason. It’s called Nepotism and homophobia.

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