Degrassi Episode Review: Idioteque

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PLOT A SUMMARY: With Vince on the loose, Drew is paranoid that he’s going to be attacked. He’s so paranoid that he’s afraid to be out in public and he begins to distance himself from Bianca. He also blames her for everything that’s happened. In order to get Drew’s forgiveness, Bianca agrees to sleep with Vince if he promises to leave Drew alone. However, Vince’s friends jump Drew anyway.

The angst isn’t as strong as it was in Spring Fever, but there was still enough to keep me engaged throughout the entire episode. Drew’s paranoia carries this plot. What makes Luke’s performance stand out is the fact that Drew is the only person who has a sense of urgency about knowing Vince could attack at any time. A character is doing something right when they make you feel what they’re feeling. Not even his helicopter mom seemed to even grasp the gravity of the fact that there’s a gangster out there who wants to kill her son. I assumed she would’ve hired bodyguards to follow him everywhere.

A surprise aspect of this situation was Bianca’s reaction to Drew trying to push her away. We still know nothing about this girl except for that she’s got a bad girl past and she’s Drew’s arm candy. There was no her trying to be “Ms. Tough Girl,” trying to pretend like she doesn’t care or saying something to hurt Drew as he distanced himself. We saw her vulnerable side, and she showed hurt when Drew broke up with her after what she went through to try and keep them together. It’s not as much depth as I was hoping for her character, but it’s a start.

So do I now ship Drianca after all that even though they broke up? Nope. To me they were always a couple having fun together, with an expiration date plastered plain as day on their head. But what they’ve gone through in Season 11 has helped them grow as individuals.


PLOT B SUMMARY: Owen posts on Facerange that he hooked up with someone at Fiona’s party. Fiona and Holly J are disgusted, but don’t know it was Anya who he hooked up with. Owen starts posting clues as to who it is, which leads Anya to send him a private message on Facerange saying their hookup was forgettable…only it turns out she posted it publicly. Fiona and Holly J think someone hacked Anya’s page, but Anya confesses it was her and also tells them she was rejected by university. Feeling as if she has nothing left, she decides to give Owen a chance.

I do not ship Ownya. I do not ship Ownya. I do not ship Ownya. What is there to ship? Owen said Anya’s friends know nothing about him…and neither do we.

Anya has become so ridiculous. I think we’ve all watched enough Degrassi to know that teen girls lose all ability to think rationally when it comes to guys. That’s fine, but there’s no way you will ever convince me that thinking you can up and run off to Africa with a guy you barely know is nothing short of ridiculous.

The scenario provided by Ownya’s hookup? Now that’s irrationality I can deal with. The only good to come from Anya’s virtual obsession with Dr. Chris is how she’s coping with the collapse of her fantasy. It’s surreal watching all of her plans fall apart and grasping onto Owen for some sense of comfort.

Still…I do not ship Ownya. We still know nothing about Owen except that he behaves like a jerk on a regular basis. I have a wait-and-see attitude.


PLOT C SUMMARY: Connor and Wesley pull a prank by stealing Ms. Oh’s panties while she takes a shower at school. However, Wesley realizes that Connor’s become obsessed with collecting other women’s underwear. Wesley makes Connor promise to stop stealing them. We’re left with Connor sneaking into the women’s locker room once again to steal more panties.

This plot still doesn’t have the funny/creepy vibe I was expecting, but it was still interesting. This is once again setting up for an eventual climax (which will be Connor getting caught). To an extent, Connor’s behavior doesn’t seem very creepy. It’d be one thing if he were stealing panties, then sniffing them or something. But just like anything else he’s become obsessed with, this is just another intense obsession for him, one that’s destined to cause him damage socially. Nothing mind-blowing here, but a decent, yet odd story to follow.

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  1. For this episode, I was really bored with KC and Jenna . I just don’t find them interesting at all ..
    & As for Anya’s plot or whatever, I think it was good that Dr.Chris wasn’t really into her. It was just kinda weirdd . :P But I think that Anya and Owen are cute, but I agree with you Kary, that hopefully there is development there & I absolutely hated Peter and Mia – Well. Maybe I just hated Peter. xD
    I love Drew and Bianca’s storyline , it’s really intense and keeps me interested.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAH when Connor said “Why do they wear tight shirts then..?” Lmao .
    Oh btw, Kary . Idk if it’s just my computer (it’s never done this before though & it doesn’t do this on any other site) but when I click to watch your videos, it goes all white. Like, the video is there but when I press play you can’t see any video there at all, it’s just a white slate. & Then I can hear all of the audio, but yet see no video? Idk . Haha .

  2. Yo Kary, they added twitters for Imogen and Katie and Marisol and what not so you might wanna update the side bar. :)

    • Degrassi Season 10 part 2, is dropping in Canada on Sept. 20, 2011 and in the United States it is going to be released on Sept. 27th, 2011.

      • The second half of season 10 is going to be released in September not season 11 to clarify your comment.

      • No. He means the DVD, not the new episodes on MM/Teennick The only Season 10 released on DVD was the first half of Season 10, or, if you live in America, “The Boiling Point.”

      • I meant the DVD of season 10 part 2 is going to be released in September 20 & 27 2011 sorry for the confusion.

  3. Kary your just Amazing! Some stories in the episodes aren’t so great, Your reviews oddly make some of the episodes more entertaining if I re-watch them. Plus that underwear joke was Epic! I can’t wait to hear more of your jokes and reviews! :)

  4. Such a funny review! I really enjoyed all of the comments you made, especially the one about Connor stealing your underwear next.

    To be honest I found this episode better than the one before that with Claire. Sorry guys.

    I was really creeped out with Connor. When he grabbed Fiona’s panties I honestly thought he was going to sniff them! And get caught sniffing them! That guy creeps me out to the max.

    As for Anya and Owen I do not think they belong together although I am excited to see what will come out of this. In the preview for the next episode Owen is facebooking about their hookup to everyone, which sounds like a real jerk move and I do not understand why Anya would go for him after that.

    Kc and Jenna bore me so much. This episode was a little better because I actually felt myself getting pissed at KC for what he was doing. But usually when I see stuff about them I want to skip to a different character’s scene on my computer. But I never do.

    I am also anticipating what will happen with Drew and Bianca. So far there plot happens to be the most intense so far.

  5. So, in honor of getting ready for the new episode out in an hour or so, how about looking into where Hazel is these days?

    God, I love having random Degrassi actors popping up in other things I watch. And on that note, I thought Hazel was muslim! xD

  6. Drew just did the worse puke scene ever. At least if your gonna fake barf put your mouth down low enough so the camera cant see. Dont they teach that in acting 101






    • Agreed! :) I bet connor is soon gonna have a collection! It would be HILARIOUS if he was all, “Sorry Ms. Oh, here’s your panties back.” *HAHA* Good times. :)

  8. Now the bystanders come! Someone was just getting beat up in the middle of street and they did nothing! Call the cops! Oh my god… the people in the Degrassi ‘verse. Who else laughed so hard after Drew and Bianca “failed” and sat awkwardly on the couch.

  9. Wow, that episode was really good.
    I feel so bad for Drew….what will happen to him? :(
    And Connor, that obsession is going to ruin him.
    Ownya what a great couple, I must say. Anya’s a great girl. I love how she stands up for herself, and does what she cares about no matter what anyone thinks.

  10. Owen and Anya kinda disgust me, mostly because of how badly he treated Riley and Zane. This should really be a major factor for Anya to consider, especially since she’s still good friends with Riley.

    Speaking of which, it was nice to get a Riley scene today that wasn’t just in the background for half a second.

    What’s with Degrassi and their penile issues? First JT had a stack of dime and resorted to a penis pump and now Drew couldn’t get it up? Is he going to start stealing Viagra now?

    As creepy as Connor’s story is, I think it has a lot of merit because it’s so bizarre, I can’t help but find it amusing. I sure hope that poor kid doesn’t come across Chantay’s panties. That would be enough to make him kick the habit in a heartbeat though!!

    • The Riley appearance was amazing because for me, I think that was the most comfortable I’ve seen Argy in Riley’s character. They should have had him as a supporting character a long time ago, and maybe have more friends too. He needs to appear more and Zane needs to appear more by himself too :D

      • Yep. They dropped the ball on Riley and Zane to focus on Clare, Alli, Eli and Drew last season. Even if they don’t include them in “A” plots all the time, using them as supporting other friends should be enough to carry over until their main plots. As far as we know, Zane doesn’t have any friends other than Riley and we’ve only seen Riley friends with Peter and Anya. Since they are seniors, why not have Riley/Zane/Sav hang out?

    • @babe I said that because Owen has a rep for being a homophobe.. So when you’re a homosexual and your best friend has sex with a homophobe at your house.. it’s kinda disgusting.

  11. Degrassi writers, Owen committed hate crimes against two of Anyas best friends, and almost raped her exes sister. YOU SHOULD ADDRESS THIS. IS ANYA THAT STUPID?

    • It’s the same logic as Bianca and Adam where Drew is dating her, well was since they just broke up >__>
      As soon as I started appreciating Drianca. Hopefully and maybe they can get back together in the long run even though they have the same chances as Dolly J or any other dead ship :C

  12. i seriously think that bianca has psychological issues, either she was abused as a child or something because it seems like she uses sex as a way to fix stuff. and she acts like nothing bothers her :s i was so upset when drew and bianca “broke up”… i want them to get back together. kuz we all know drew is gonna change. so pissed what happened in thos episode.

    owen and anya!!! :D

  13. Yay, they are throwing another pointless couple together Ownya. They feel as though no one understands them because they make mistakes or whatever… Jay and Alex much? Anyways the point is they probably will break up soon enough just like their sibling Drianca.

    • Anya didnt even try wait to hear what Holly J and Fiona had to say. I doubt they would thrash her for it.

      • It’s totally understandable to be at such a low point and have a rebound fling. It’s not like they have the most angelic pasts. I hate how they just stood there as if they couldn’t just stop Anya from walking away.

    • If her low point is not getting accepted into one school and a guy she hardly knows not being serious she has serious issues.

      She could have rebounded with anyone, I’m sure every other guy in there hasn’t committed hate crimes or attempted rape. I like seeing Owen but I hate how Degrassi has to make every jerk a nice guy. WE LIKE HIM BECAUSE HES A JERK. JERKS = DRAMA AND TENSION.

      • I like what they’re doing with owen so far. he’s still a jerk so far, unlike half the antagonist/antihero characters that wouldve been watered down by now.

  14. I can’t be the only one who sat there watching the show thinking, “Why isn’t anyone watching out for Drew?” I mean, for one, his mother. I don’t know about anyone else, but if there was a dangerous gang after me, my mother would sure as hell be dropping me off/picking me up from school everyday. His mother just seems so non-chalant about the whole situation.

    • I was thinking that too, especially because of how over-protective Drew’s mother can be when it comes to her children. You’d think she’d be even worse than him.

  15. Oh wow!!! Connor is crazy!!! I can’t even believe he’s crave enough to steal them damn! Watching that made me cringe!

    Poor Drew i feel really bad for him.

    Anya situation, is kinda weird i think. huge change for her.

  16. I think this was a great followup to Whats My Age Again? as a sort of Part 2. My order of episodes this week from best to worst:

    1. LoveGame
    1. Idioteque
    2. Spring Fever
    3. Whats My Age Again?

    I think LoveGame and Idioteque were both almost equally amazing. All plots for both episodes were spot-on but I don’t feel good about ranking Spring Fever as #3.

  17. I can’t wait for the next episode of Degrassi! Because Eli is in it :) still, Bianca is being about as bright as a 2 wt. bulb. Giving herself up to Vince like that. Did she “really” think he was gonna stop!? It’s a no brainer that he’s not going to stop! I feel bad for Drew though. He’s had a very rough few days. Connor…stealing your teachers panties! That’s just wrong…what are you planning to do with them anyways? Let them stay in your locker for the rest of the year? Frame and hang them on the wall above your bed? Keep them in your back pack so you can accidentally drop them in the hallway….again? Why would anyone do that!? I found this really funny and entertaining though. :)

  18. Tonights ep was really interesting. I dnt blame Connor 4 taking Ms. Oh and Fiona’s panties but he lost when he took Chantay’ I actually like Drianca. They look like they could be bro and sis but I will overlook Cnt wait 2c nxt week eps.

  19. Hum…I’m not so sure I liked the ending for Owenya after all :| And I really want to ship them but that kiss….why! Talk about forced and out of nowhere. Yay me too I also feel like I make mistakes…let’s kiss then! But I must admit I loved the whole episode for Anya until the end. I loved the guilt and the way it was portrayed. I strangely really liked Drianca’s storyline. Drew’s acting was on point especially when he was scared! I’m surprised that Connor’s story still isn’t over! Now we know that is one-time steal as turned into an obssession. Oh and how refreshing was it to see Riley as a side-character :) I’m still not so sure how I feel about this. But I guess I was on the edge of my seat the whole time…so I guess I liked it XD

  20. Yes, Owen is a total and complete ***hole, but speaking from what I’ve seen in my life and with my friends, sometimes it’s hard to think logically. Anya is clearly at an incredibly low point. After her mess of a relationship with Sav and rejection from Dr. Cris, all that’s going through her head right now is that she has someone that wants her. I don’t think we should all bash the Degrassi writers for putting them together. He’s been into her since the end of last season and I don’t think it’s unrealistic to see them together at this point, especially after all that occurred in the previous episode with Anya.

    Connor’s obsession… wow. I find it incredibly entertaining. It’s different and very Connor-esque. I’m excited to see what happens next with this new collection of

    I’m really mixed about pitying Bianca and disliking her for the mess she got Drew into. Although, I do more so pity her. I think a bit of her has changed and she clearly cares a lot for Drew. I think she actually wanted a serious boyfriend and to have a healthy relationship.

    The TeenNick preview of next week’s episodes look exciting. I’m really looking forward to Imogen and the Drew/Adam thing going on.

  21. I’m so excited for Imogen to make her apperance. She crazy and a huge creeper but I like her. As for next weeks promo: Dave the degrassi fans are all going to kill you. How you treat Adam determines whether the fans are gonna hate or love you good luck.
    Tonights episode was good nothing amazing. I’ve come to a realization that Drew did all of that just to break up with her in the end. And still got his butt handed to him. Anya and Owen why not??? However it felt rushed in a way and not everyone is a horrible person 100% of the time. She just want something to hold onto for now . Conner…oh Conner

  22. if drew and bianca dont get back together i will stop watching!!! LEGITTT! omg. and cant wait to see imogen… she seems funny :p

  23. I wonder what Imogen is going to be like….Still, Clare is being very….stupid. She breaks up with Eli then She’s guilting him for not giving a damn about it! She’s crazy!

  24. i liked today’s eppy. The entire week was great actually.

    Owen and Anya are cute. I was quite shocked we got some Riley. He looked so happy even in the small role. At least we know he’s alive, lol.

    As for the previews…now I see what Munro Chambers meant when he said that Eli has some demons in his life that he needs to work through. Imogen…I hate making assumptions of characters I have never seen, but she kinda creeps me out and annoys me at this point, lol. But maybe I will learn to like her like I did with Jake. She’ll probably try to help Eli get over Clare as he says that he wants to, but in the end…I HOPE we will get our Eclare back. But I want Eli to be “good” before they can get back together.

  25. Was I the only one jumping for joy that Riley was FINALLY a supporting character????

    Anyways, Im not sure how I feel about Owen and Anya… hmm.

    I fel bad for Drew. You could just feel his paranioa spilling off the screen.

  26. Drianca is not over. Sorry, but if that is the end of the storyline then I have no words. The writers spent so much time working up the storyline just for it to end like that. Let’s be serious, Drew obviously still likes Bianca and she went to the extremes to try to save him. Of course, we all knew that her having sex with Vince wasn’t going to do anything, but I hope Drew confronts her about it in the next episode they are in together. I feel like Drianca has so much potential still and that Drew and Bianca fit together well. I just hope the writers realize that Drianca and the drama that comes along with them can’t just be ended with a breakup (which by the way was before he got beaten so I would at least like to see them talk about that in a later episode).

    To be honest, I enjoyed the Owanya plot. It was realistic. Well, expect for the fact that someone wouldn’t know how to private message someone else. I personally think that Anya’s mini breakdown was executed quite well. It wasn’t overdramatic or underdramatic. I also enjoyed the end when Owen and Anya are at the Dot. Although we have seen Owen be a jerk in the past, we really don’t know much about him. So, he’s right; Anya’s friends don’t know him. I kind of liked how Holly J and Fiona were talking about Anya’s low self esteeem and self respect without knowing it was her. Because that’s what really happens. Although normally, after they realized it was her, her friends would immediately take it back even though they don’t mean it. I do think that Anya was right; her friends don’t know her. I see much potential in Owanya. Oh, and I must say that Owen reminded me quite a lot of Jay Hogart.

    The Connor storyline is…interesting. I don’t quite understand if he doesn’t want a girlfriend because of his syndrome that he has (I forget the name, but when he doesn’t get normal social standards) or for some other reason. To me, this plot should’vve wrapped up in this episode. I don’t know how much longer I want to watch Connor be creepy and sneak into the girls’ locker room to steal their underwear. Part of me was hoping for him to get caught in this episode and then in a later one have to deal with the consequences (like apologizing to each girl individually or to all of them publicly or something). To me, him having to deal with the punishment would be more interesting then him just stealing panties.

    On to the promos:

    So it looks like katie assigns Clare to cover Eli’s play which turns out to relate to the earlier EClare drama. My guess is that Imogen and Eli aren’t all that close until after she pretends to be Clare to help Eli get over her. I also think that Imogen won’t try to be just like Clare like I originally thought. She probably stalks him and manipulates him into thinking that Clare never loved him by prenteding to be her in that scene. The writers better do a good job with this very delicate plot because, in the end, not everyone is going to be happy. Plus, right now, I’m not sure how they want us to view Imogen. Right now, based on promos, episode descriptions, and charater info, I can imogen as a crazed stalker, a manipulative rebound for Eli, or a realistic relationship possibilty for Eli. However, by the end of Now or Never, I am assuming that Eli gets rid of Imogen and tries to win Clare back because, let”s face it, they are so not over.

    Now, onto Adam and Dave. So they both want a similar spot on the radio show, it happens to be a man show. Dave, obviously, thinks that he should get it for the shallow reason that he is physcially a guy. But he acts all okay with it. Until he and Adam are in the bathroom and I’m not quite sure what’s happening there but Dave doesn’t like it and walks out. Then they both go on air where Dave and Adam start to duke it out. Adam probably does better than Dave and that’s when Dave makes a slam a transgenders (either as or followed by him dressing up as a girl and probably arguing that if Adam wants to dress as a boy then he can dress like a girl). Everyone probably hates Dave and then he tries to get out of the hole he dug. My guess is that in the end, Adam helps clear Daves name. I’m hoping that they include an Adam/Katie friendship here (first off because Adam takes a low blow and their supposedly friends and because Clare, who is Adam’s close friends, wants to be on the paper but Katie is a bitch about it and assigns her to Eli’s play) and a Dave/Connor/Wesley frienship (cuz Connor and Wesley were on sciene team with Adam and are probably friends with him) and a Dave/Sadie relationship (because we see an angry Sadie at Dave and because they need to end for Dave and Alli to get together later).

    Ziley. They end. My guess. A tweet said that they have a bittersweet ending so it will probably be a mutual breakup. As to the whole thing where Zane asks if Riley is cheating on him, possibly just an assumtion made by Zane. I think that they break up at the end because they are both going to different places to live their dreams and carry on with their lives. That would be a bittersweet ending for them.

    • You and I share the exact same thoughts :)

      As for Drianca….they may be done as on Alicia’s twitter she mentioned today with saddness that it was the end for them. Don’t know if she meant for now or if it’s a done deal. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess!

  27. Kary, I know you think Ownya have the makings of Pia, but considering that Owen has been after Anya for a while now and Peter & Mia just fell out the sky one day as a couple, I think it’s a bit different.

    This was an excellent episode, probably one of the most intense endings ever now that they don’t freeze frame.

  28. Owen made an interesting point today about Anya’s friends not knowing him. I mean all we know is that he was friends with Fitz last year and went after Riley and Zane, as well as Adam. That’s all we know. This time around he’s a main character. When he’s around Anya he’s actually really sweet so this will be interesting to watch. They make a nice couple. It’s something different for a change. So I’m going to give this a chance b/c I like this :)

    • Sorry, but knowing that Owen is a homophobe should be enough to know about him. Anya has two gay friends (Riley & Fiona) & she’s betraying both of them by getting together with Owen

      Owen can act sweet all he wants, but he’s not

      • And Im on the fence about Owen. Under all the jerk, Im sure he has a soft spot, everyone does. But until he owns up to all the bad he’s done, I will remain on the fence.

    • I actually don’t see him as acting sweet. He seems genuinely into her, but the things he says are still creepy and gross. He told her he wouldn’t leave the party because he thought he could hook up with her. He never said because I could get to know you, because he likes her and wants to be there for her birthday… no he said he could hook up with her… kind of pig headed and gross to me

  29. I really think that Connor is one of the most pointless characters in degrassi history. He’s annoying and has the most useless storyline. So now he’s stealing panties from girls rooms? God just get rid of him. I mean seriously, does anyone even like connor as a character?

    • Well, this is kinda rude. As for useless storylines, I’d say even though they don’t address it as much as others (and I want to kill the writers for it), his ongoing Aspergers/autistic storyline is a pretty relevant storyline. A LOT of teenagers have it. I can actually say I kinda like Connor. Mainly I just like how blunt he is, and his views on certain things. I read a book called House Rules by Jodi Picoult because the main character had Asperger’s, and it shed a whole new light on Aspy kids for me. I’ll say I wasn’t Connor’s biggest fan, but after reading the book, I appreciated his character a whole lot more.

    • Actually, I think a character like Leia was one of the most pointless characters in Degrassi history. She contributed absolutely NOTHING to the show; she wasn’t even a good support character. Connor’s actually quite relevant, and it kills me that they don’t focus on him more. Personally, I enjoy how blunt he is too, but more than that, I don’t think they’ve done his struggle with Asperger’s justice yet, so I’m glad the writers are giving him a continuing plot that’s obviously related to it.

  30. exteremly weird to think about, but I believe after a while of Eli and Imogen’s Hanging out, Eli will be a darker person, or may be mean to Clare and hurt her feelings, then greatly regret it….just a guess is all. :)

  31. The Connor storyline didn’t have the creepy vibe you were expecting Kary? Wow. Quite curious how creepy you expected it to go because it got that point across to me. The creepy part was Connor wide smile every time he held them

    As creepy as the storyline is, it’s quite intriguing because of that very fact

    Other then that, I agree. I love how far they’re going with the Drew Gang storyline & I am absolutely as much against Ownya as you are

    • Well I was expecting it to be more like a fetish-type storyline. But what makes it “less creepy” for me is knowing he’s not intentionally getting off on having the panties. Though his teen boy hormones may be kicking in without him being aware of it, he’s become obsessed with them in a more technical aspect as opposed to a sexual aspect. Or at least that’s what I gathered from the scene with Wesley where he was talking about the difference in the material of Fiona and Ms. Oh’s underwear. It’s still interesting though.

  32. Great episode, season 11 seems to be doing quite welll for themselves. I completely loved the Drew/Bianca/Vince plot, it has such a dark feeling to it like Darcy’s rape storyline in season 7. Like Kary pointed out when a charecter makes you feel what they’re feeling, then they’ve done their job right. The Anya/Owen stuff was good, I just need Owen to make amends with people he hurt who were Anya’s friends like Zane or Riley, or Adam even if Anya and Adam arent friends lol. They aren’t Pia 2.0 though that’s for sure, they had interactions in prior episodes and weren’t pushed on us.The Conor stuff was boring personally it just wasn’t very good. Can we have LoveQueen16 back, lol? As for future episodes, we need a Bianca solo plot. the writers have humanized her, she’s no longer this cold-hearted, slutty, bad girl, she’s shown feeliongs and concern. We now need a plot that shows her home life, explains her past, maybe even make a new friend that’s a girl like Fiona? As for the next episode, good god Dave is turning into Degrassi’s Biggest Asshole Ever! Regardless, the Dave/Adam plot should be siome great stuff and the Eli/Igomen storyline looks entertaining already.

  33. Connor keeps the panties in his locker? I can definitley see teachers inspecting lockers for whatever reason and finding that Connor’s is stuffed with panties.

  34. I think it’s ridiculous how Connor can just walk into the girls locker room any time he wants without anyone inside the locker room or outside seeing him.

  35. Anya is one of my favorite charcters on the show, and it bothered me so much how she barley got any plots last season, the only ones were, her mom having cancer, which they dropped after 2 episodes, Dr.Chris, and the date with wesley. And so when I heard that Anya was getting more plots this season was excited, but after watching her so far, Im pissed. The whole Dr.Chris storyline could’ve been explored so much more further, like he could’ve raped her, or they could have had sex and she could’ve regretted it afterwards, but no they make a big deal about it back in march then drop it.

    Anya not getting into college, its whatever

    Anya hooking up with Owen pissed me off. Owen is such a prick-dick, how could she? I understood when she first hooked up with him because she was depressed about not getting into college and Dr.Chris, but now she wants to be in a relationship with him? What pisses me off is that all these couples dont make any sense. Owen is just a douche, and Anya was disguested with him until this episode, and now shes all like ”My friends dont know you, or me” blah blah blah. I’d rather have her be with Sav rather than Owen. They just kissed out of nowhere. Bianca and Drew, you never see them laugh together, or just hangout or act like they do like eachother, and thats what its going to be like with Anya and Owen. They only couples who had chemistry were Spinner and Jane because you saw them laugh together, hang out, and just talk, Declan and Holly J, and Eli and Clare, and personally, Eli and Clare had the most developed reltaionship I’ve ever seen on the show, so their relationship made the most sense, sure it was WAY too over dramatic for me, I hated their relationship but they weren’t complete oppistes before and they never hated eachother.

    I just hope Anya’s storyling gets better, I know she gets into coke and all that, so Im looking forward to that, but if this is the last season that Holly J, Anya, Sav, and Fiona (possibly), then they need to have good plots.

    • I think it will get better. Anya and Owen made me go WTF too, but I don’t believe that they’re going to become a “coupley” couple like everyone else. Because she built her future around Dr. Chris and that all came crashing down, she’s slipping emotionally…she’s vulnerable as hell now and that’s why she’s with Owen, not because she actually likes him. Where I’m counting on this plot going into overdrive is hopefully Owen continuing to be the bad boy he’s always been and be the reason she gets into drugs. Basically I see their relationship as nothing more than a stepping stone to her spiraling out of control.

      • I actually think Anya and Owen may become a steady couple and Anya gets looked down on because of it. I actually think that when Anya becomes sucked into drugs Owen is surprisingly going to be the one who stops or helps her get out of the habit. I only say this because I think they go to prom together and that is one of the last episodes.

      • I know that there is gonna be a good ending to the drew Bianca issue ! I just don’t know whether it will be goodbye Drew or Bianca ! Thanks for the blog !

  36. hey kary i know you said you don’t character reviews because your opinion on them change, but what about a review on characters no longer on the show or characters by season.

  37. “That’s fine, but there’s no way you will ever convince me that thinking you can up and run off to Africa with a guy you barely know is nothing short of ridiculous.” It’s completely ridiculous, but this IS Anya we’re talking about… after all, she was the girl who slept with her boyfriend without protection just to make a point. Anya’s always made stupid decisions when it comes to guys (which is why it took me awhile to like her…), so her thinking she could go to Africa with her pseudo-boyfriend doesn’t surprise me that much, haha.

    I LOATHE the idea of Ownya, but it’s like you said, it makes sense that it happened. Anya’s vulnerable, and she will clearly be going through an identity crisis this season. She’s going to be doing things no one would expect her to do… including dating Owen.

    Everyone is creeped out by Connor’s behavior, but I honestly feel pretty sorry for him. He’s not trying to be a pervert because he really doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

  38. Can we get some props to Chantay in the showers talking about her one and only plotline in all the ten years she’s been on the show? “You want to get something done? You cover the principal’s car in post-its.” LOL!

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