Degrassi Song Premiere: Blame It [On EClare]

Welcome to the world premiere of the new Degrassi parody song Blame It [On EClare]!

There’s really no explanation necessary.  It’s a parody of Jamie Foxx’s song Blame It On The Alcohol, but I never would’ve thought to use this song if weren’t for the fact I watched GLEE do it last week.

I have a feeling EClare fans will either love or hate it since I make fun of them. Don’t blame me….blame it on EClare.  Oh, and will someone make sure that Stephen Stohn, Aislinn Paul (even though she’s MIA from twitter), and (for the love of God) MUNRO CHAMBERS listen to this?

To download, CLICK HERE (right-click, and “save target as”)

Blame It [On EClare]
Written By: Kary Bowser, Munro Chambers
Vocals: Kary Bowser, Dave Turner
Instruments: Connor DeLaurier, Wesley Betenkamp
Producer: Kary Bowser, Connor DeLaurier
Engineer: Sav Bhandari
Recorded at Degrassi CS. Degrassi Media Corp., BHANDARI RECORDS, 2011.


Blame it on Munro or Stephen Stohn
Blame it on the writers they made Fitz a fighter
Blame it on EClare, Blame it on EClare

Gregg he said that Eli dies
Listen to the fangirls cry
They’ll fall for any kind of lie about Munro they’ve got Chamber fever
But Miss Clare needs love too
Aislinn Paul I adore you
In season 10 you’re actings o-o-o-off the hook A plus what

Clare what you thinkin
Eli’s ship is sinkin
Fitzy’s creepin, drinkin on that Jesus juice that we call Etc.
Fangirls love Eli’s jacket’s leather
Lookin at Clare’s butt
Fitzy cops a feel what
Morty cruisin round town
Eli’s gettin pissed now
Mr. Goldsworthy has lost control

Blame it on Munro or Stephen Stohn
Blame it on the writers they made Fitz a fighter
Blame it on EClare, Blame it on EClare
Blame it on Aislinn, blame on Fitzy
Blame it on the fangirls actin like they’re crazy
Blame it on EClare, Blame it on EClare

34 thoughts on “Degrassi Song Premiere: Blame It [On EClare]

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  2. Lol me too, I’m a hard core ECLARE shipper fan, but I was laughing so hard at this! XD Sometimes you need to just laugh, even if whatever it is, is making fun of you or something you really like. I really wonder what Munro, Stephen, and Aislinn will say about this, if they ever hear it.

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  4. I watch Glee off and on, I just so happened to watch it the past two weeks. I could sorta care less about the dialogue and storylines, I just enjoy seeing which songs they’re gonna sing

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