Degrassi Episode (and Video) Review: My Body Is A Cage Pt. 2


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MAIN PLOT: Adam must choose between making her family happy, or making herself happy.
Adam’s identity is known by the entire school, and he’s gotta deal with the reprecussions; he now must be escorted to his classes by a teacher, and he has to use the special needs restroom.

The worst part is that Bianca refuses to be near him, let alone talk to him.  And his mom is STILL on his case about being Gracie for his grandmother’s visit.  Adam reluctantly goes back to being Gracie, and decides to make the change permanent to appease everyone.

Everyone but himself that is.  And with that, Gracie returns to self-mutilation, leaving burn marks on “her” arms.  Clare catches Adam and informs him that he doesn’t have to change who he is for anyone.

Eventually Adam is able to convince his mom and his family that Gracie will no longer exist, and they have to accept that.  Jordan Todosey is nothing short of amazing, and I expected nothing less.  Throwing in the aspect of Gracie being someone who burns themself was a shocking surprise that hit home how deep Adam’s struggle is.  It’s a fantastic plot, and I hope that I hope is revisted in the future.

SUBPLOT 1: Anya finds out her mom has cancer.
Everyone might have been crying over Adam, but I cried during this episode because of Anya.  She delivered a great emotional performance.  Anya learns that her mom has cancer, and she doesn’t know how to deal.  She’s also upset that her parent’s are behaving so upbeat despite the news.

The scene with Anya setting off the volcano was ok, but for me the best part of this plot was when she told Holly J about her mom’s cancer.  I lost it.  I also loved how Holly J told Anya about her secret relationship with Sav, and Anya went about her business as if Holly J hadn’t said anything (because everything seems so insignificant when you’re dealing with something as huge as cancer).  Adam’s performance may be the best of this episode, but Anya’s is definitely a close second.

SUBPLOT 2: Dave plans to get back at Ms. Oh.
I don’t have much to say about this plot except for that it’s much better than Part 1.  Instead of trying to impress Ms. Oh, Dave resorts to being a pain in her neck.  However, Dave’s attempt to be annoying by wearning no pants to class fall on deaf ears, and Ms. Oh barely reacts.

Dave, Connor and Wesley find out Ms. Oh is depressed after a breakup, and that leads Dave to apologize.  The times when I’ve liked Dave this season are the ones when he was behaving sincerely.  For instance, when he confessed his feelings to Alli and, in this episode, apologized to Ms. Oh.  But anytime he tries to be comedy relief this year he fails miserably; he tries too hard and comes off ans annoying.  That version of Dave I can live without.

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  1. Best degrassi episode of the season. Seriously, great acting in the two main plots and I could actually feel pain for both Adam and Anya. Loved it, not so much of Dave’s plot, it was weak compared to the drama that was unfolding in the other two plots but nonetheless, great job.

  2. Leia is such a fail. My aunt got cancer. (Anya) was she ok? (Leia) yeah…Until she lost all her hair and she died…recently. BITCH STFU AND GTFO!!!!

    • I think they wanted to establish her as the bitch character one more time so that people would be glad that she got swept away by the Degrassi vortex.

      • Really? Have they ever established her character? Did her aunt even have cancer, or is she lying about cancer to get Anya to be her friend? BOO! Love Judy/Hate Leia.

      • LOL i cant wait until that happens. I hated Leia since day one. U SLEPT WITH TOM BLAKE TO GET THE JOB!!!! Pete winst is like mah big bro! She is so lame!

  3. The best episode by far. I agree Dave’s performance is in no way as interesting as when he is being sincere as I said in a last comment he reminds me of JT he wants to do good but at times is stupid to realize how to do so. Not that I didn’t love JT I just think Dave’s version of the character is weak and should be taken in a different direction.

    Jordan Todosey went from a tom-boyish girl on My Life With Derek to a handsome young man and a beautiful young girl. Seeing photos of her in a dress is strange when all I can visualize is Adams hat and baggy clothes. I’m excited to see where this transgender character goes and I hope Degrassi will further follow his life and his romances to follow.

    Anya is annoying but not as annoying as Leia that dumb b!atch.

  4. everyone basiclly talk about this in the last review , but still epic episode. so far I gotta say is that the v.v. brown video was awesome, but I was expecting more since I waited since 9 . . . but still, can’t complain. Also all these promos are so … ahhh ! lol, can’t belive the boiling point is almso over :(. but I can’t wait forTDOTO. and of course AFD

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  6. I agree. Very good plot. And I loved your review. Esp your wording of how you said Adam was burning “her” arm. Because it was her she was hurting. Adam was happy. I wasn’t sure if you worded it that way on purpose or not, but in any case, thanks for your reviews.

  7. I’ve always liked Clare, but during her scene with Adam, I managed to respect her character more deeply. I love the concept of an Adam/Clare friendship and hope Degrassi goes deeper into it. This has to be one of my favorite episodes by far. The acting was amazing and I won’t be ashamed to admit I was in tears by the end of story. All in all this episode gets an A+ from me.

    • The relationship between Adam and Claire in the episode may have been one of the best examples of friendship in Degrassi history. I cried it was so sweet.

      • I haven’t always been the biggest Clare fan, but the both of you are so right.

        Despite all of the tweeny storylines (Aaugh! Dave. It will never happen my man), there are times like this (when Clare espouses humanity) that still make this show worthy of so much praise.

  8. I agree with everything. Jordon and Samantha did fenominal in their plots. Got to be one of my favorite episodes yet. Amazing!!! :)

  9. I love it when (talking about Adam) a new character first starts out and ur like wow he’s cool and then when its the actually the characters episode u really feel4them :)

    or thats just me…….

  10. Agree with your grades, but I think Anya setting off the volcano was more than “ok”. I cried when Anya told Holly J about her mom’s cancer and when Adam was burning herself.

    • I agree, I thought the volcano scene was one of the best emotional scenes I’ve seen from any character in the past couple of years.

  11. YES! The review is here! :P I pretty much completely agree on all counts. XD Adam and Anya were simply breathtaking. And I really hope sincere Dave sticks around a bit longer, as opposed to immediately reverting back to annoying-Dave and infuriating us all. lol. Can’t wait for the next episode! Can’t believe there’s only two weeks left! Oh, and on a final note, did anyone else just totally LOVE Anya’s parents?

  12. I’m sure you didn’t mean it, but your use of the pronouns “her” and “herself” to describe Adam made me cringe quite a bit. :/ Adam’s a guy – even when he’s dressing as “Gracie,” and even when he’s telling himself he should be a girl.

    • Can’t understand why people thumbs down posts like this. It’s disrespectful to use female pronouns on Adam–the idea is that you should *always* go with the PREFERRED pronoun, the one that Adam would use on himself.

  13. This epsiode was amazing adam and anya`s plot in mbiac part 2 were both worthy of an a+ imo. During the volcano scene
    anya:your all about to die and you don’t even know it.
    And later
    anya(to holly j):My mom has caner.
    In the volcano scene her actions spoke more but she really knew how to make you feel sad for her and when she ignored what holly j said her acting blew me away loved how her voice was breaking. Adam`s plot was an a+ in both parts and im loving the claire/eli/claire friendship. I can’t wait til adam gets a gf to see how eli and claire react and if they like/hate her should be interesting. I laughed a little inside when the teacher said “so is it gracie?” bianca “or trannie?”. I know she was being a bitch but I can’t help but love bitches like bianca who agrees?
    And can’t believe boiling point only has 8 episodes left should be amazing though can’t wait for your storline recap tomorow or sunday your reviews are awesome what’s anya`s grade though guys can’t see only her grade this time lol

  14. Wait when he said”And jenna learns tht accidents can happen” was that a refrence to the episode accidents will happen where manny has an abortion

  15. Sorry I know this is off topic but did anyone get to see the new carnival trailer, I think this one is suppose to be extended? it said teennick will air it at 9 pm but I missed, if anyone has watched it was worth to watch or what?

    • It wasn’t a new carnival trailer. It was VV Brown’s “Shark in the Water” music video, and it had pretty much the same clips from the Carnival promo in the video, nothing new though.

  16. Okay so basically the promo line “forget everything you thought you knew about Degrassi” is soooo right.

    I really thought I could predict more like I used to.

    First I noticed it with Eli’s story. I figured once he gave Fitz the fake ID, Fitz would get in trouble and beat him up. But the twist of Eli’s dark side was great!

    And this episode gave me the same feeling. I had seen the pics of the marks on Adam’s arms and figured he probably hurt himself. I expected it to be cutting (which didn’t bother me, it’s not like Ellie’s the only person to do it). But when Gracie pulled the hairclip out and used the lighter and then burned herself…. my jaw dropped. Jordon Todosey is an amazing actress.

    I actually felt weird seeing Adam dressed as a girl. Jordan Todosey really made me see Adam as a boy dressed in girls clothes.

    Adam did not disappoint. And the subplots did not drag the episode down.

    Great job Degrassi. I’m proud to be a fan of such an awesome show :)

  17. i loved this eppisode all together i feel for anya i been in that position of the unknown and worrying its horrible :/

  18. lol, i cringed when leia was talking
    she does not know how to comfort people
    at least she should TRY, she wasn’t trying
    isn’t anya your best friend?
    i’m not good at comforting people either, but i sure as hell would of done a better job than that.
    i feel bad for the actress, the writers purposely want us to hate her if they give her such dumb lines.. or the actress sucks at acting and doesn’t know how to deliver them in a sincere way. at least she could’ve shown SOME emotion, her face expression was the same.. as always.

  19. Regarding the new Shark video, the only thing new is that at the end when she’s singing on the stage there is a flower near a tombstone and she grabs it and finishes the song. I’m sure a million people have it uploaded, so I won’t post it.

    Now my thoughts on this week’s episodes, I really liked it and I was surprised that I did. I found it went a little fast and I kinda wish we had more episodes to build up like people questioning it before the whole school knew. Plus, I don’t see the situation with Bianca being something that would happen in the middle of the school. I don’t get how there were no teachers walking around to stop that. The tossing I can kind of get them getting away with because fights and what not do happen and it happened so quickly that it really could have been hard to stop. Was it right? no. Also, I think she should have put a tank over the binding. It would have made Bianca look really stupid to rip his shirt open and bam just some tanks. I agree that Bianca is a major beeyotch, but its about time we had some bullies. Now I want the return of the ravine.

    Oh some speculations….I think it will be Riley behind the lockdown. I think that Fitz/Bianca will want to get back at Adam and Drew respectively and Owen will have an intrest in that as well has hurting Riley. By proxy, Alli and Zane get drawn into it. And bam lockdown. What would cause school uniforms? not a mere shooting- if so we would have seen them since season 4- also causing the students to remain apart wouldn’t just be because Sav/Holly J were caught making out. Season 3 Sean made out in class with Amy. But if a student were caught harming another student while unsupervised, then yeah. And I really think that the money scene with Alli/Owen is a swerve. I kinda think he’s going to tell her about ppl paying to hook up with her to butter up, show her the money, and then attack her but give her the money so he can tell the cops she asked for it. I could be wrong thought so yeah.

  20. It wasn’t V.V. brown’s official music video. It was a new one that she made to fit in with the carnival promo. Her official video is on Youtube. I’m surprised Leia even Listens to SizzleTeen, considering. ;)I both felt for and lost it over Anya and Adam in this episode. This is my new favorite episode, and the ending was PERFECT. Oh and that Fanfiction was written by Kaylynn from Degrassi Splash :D

  21. this episode was SOOOO amazing. adam’s plot was so good. his mom was making me so mad at the beginning. at least she accepted him in the end, but ughh she was a bitch! jordan and aislinn’s acting was so good at the part where adam burnt himself and i loved the ending scene.

    ok,leia. SERIOUSLY? wow that was one of the most annoying scenes ever because of her-“then she died.” shes SO stupid. anyways, anya’s plot was equally as amazing. i loved how both the main plot and one of the subplots were dramatic because a lot of times the subplots are just there for comic relief. samantha’s acting was great, as always, and i loved the volcano scene and the scene where she told holly j. i noticed when she just blew off the comment about sav and holly j too and it made me really happy that she didnt even respond to that because that obviously should not be important to her.

    dave’s plot was nothing special but it was much better than pt 1. i agree that at least he showed sincerity rather than just try to joke around the whole episode but the whole plot was nothing close to the two others.

    im SOOOO excited for next week too. eli and clare, riley and owen, jenna and her pregnancy, AND conner and a creeper from online?!? this will be so good. if anyone has the link for tears dry on their own, please post :)

  22. I’ve always found it funny that Degrassi parents never have any personality traits that their kids inherit: they can have the feistiest kids, but the parents themselves are always played as passive and dull. This is why it was refreshing to see that Anya’s parents are so adorably dorky. Their mannerisms actually made me believe that she takes after them, as she’s a bit of a quirky dork, herself. Same goes for Drew’s mom (I’m assuming that Mama Torres is Drew’s mom, as her complexion and dark hair match his, whereas Papa Torres more closely resembles Adam.): she was shown to have quite the temper when the football team messed with Drew, and that same fire appeared when Fitz and Owen bullied Adam.

      • It isn’t stated one way or another, but if you look at skin tones. Drew and Mom share a darker tone than Adam and Dad do.

        Also the two parents got married when the kids were young (no exact age, but I figure 6-7 for Adam). Which means a little under a decade of bonding. So even if they aren’t blood related Mrs. Torres could be bogged down in the ‘darling daughter is not what I wanted’ role.

        I do wish that one of the two scenes with Momma Torres was replaced with Daddy Torres. To see what his opinion of the Adam|Gracie situation was. He didn’t seem all that happy to see Gracie at dinner, just shocked.

    • It’s never stated outright, but I thought MBIAC was heavily implying that the mom is Adam’s blood parent, since she was having SO much trouble giving up her daughter, while the father seemed less bothered by it.

      Although it’s still a good point! And, hey, it’s not like a parent CAN’T influence a child just ’cause they’re not related :P

      • A lot of people seem to be confused by how the parents/kids are related. Just because we didn’t see much of Mr. Torres doesn’t mean that he isn’t concerned about the ordeal. It makes sense that the story was shown from a mother’s point of view. It’s implied that the parents married when the kids were still quite young, so it seems that both parents view both children as their own, and both kids see both Mr. and Mrs. Torres as their true parents. Mrs. Torres was also very much involved and concerned with the safety and well-being of Drew in 99 Problems, so she may just as likely be his biological mother. If she is Drew’s biological mother, she could still feel a mother/daughter bond with Gracie, as Gracie was the only daughter she ever knew. It’s tricky, though! The fact that Mrs. Torres was also calling the kids’ grandmother “Mom”, even though she looked a lot like Mr. Torres, made it even more confusing! I didn’t know whether she was calling her mother-in-law “Mom”, as many people do, or calling her own mother “Mom”. I wonder if we’ll find out more about Drew’s and Adam’s other parents? Assuming they’re both alive, the kids must have some knowledge of their whereabouts, and/or relationships with them.

  23. Honestly everyone is being overdramatic with the whole leia’s role. So what if it’s minimal? Degrassi is full of characters who don’t exactly Get real main plots. Degrassi needs characters with smaller roles. It’s high school. Not everyones life is as dramatic as the next person.

    • Agreed…and now that I think about it they probably gave her a minimal role due to her heavily being involved in school (in real life) I mean she did get accepted into Harvard for godsakes, she’s obviously not a dumb bitch…

  24. So excited for next week it looks really good. Thought the any plot was extremely good and Adams plot was amazing and believable!!!!

  25. I babysit for a little girl named Gracie, who is a tomboy. I called her Adam like three times. I’ve never seen an 8-year-old so confused

  26. I think with all the focus on Adam and Anya’s plots, the real purpose for “Dave’s” (and the quotes will be explained shortly) was lost.

    For 9 Seasons we’ve had one teacher, Snake. And due to that we’ve known everything we can about him and his life. His class is now being taught by Miss Oh. She needed to be introduced to us a bit more. Enter Dave, professional teacher’s pet. We needed to see that Miss Oh wasn’t just a replacement for Simpson without a new personality. Showing us how she dealt with all of Dave’s antics was a good way to gauge her personality.

    Now, back to the plots where Degrassi gets REAL!

    I loved the episode, the only thing that was missing from it was some way to gauge how long events were going on in it. My guess is that Adam went back to Gracie for about a week. Due to them starting and finishing Ballroom dancing, and how many burns Adam had. However I’d wish there was a confirmation on the flow of time for this one (in both dramatic plots), as it makes the effect stronger.

    Originally I was going to suggest that Adam’s plot be extended an episode, but it wasn’t really needed. It’d stagnate if it was made into a three ep sequence.

    Anya’s had the similar problem of time flow. It’s hard to guess how long was going on, but if we knew how long it’d make the effects of her breakdown more… effective (I can’t think of a better word, sorry).

    This isn’t anything against the acting or the dialog, those were all spot on. Just a bit of storytelling issue I had. I’d have graded just as highly as anyone else, I loved this ep.

    • We haven’t had one teacher, I think we’ve had four others.

      Armstrong (Gym) Mrs. H (Science) Holly J’s old art teacher, and that teacher that used to hate Derek.

      • Mr. Armstrong, Ms. Kwan, Ms. Hotsause, Ms. Dawes, and Mr. Perino aren’t opening credits casting, even if they have been recurring for a while. Ms. H only made the credits when she took the spot as principal.

        Ms. Oh is in the credits, taking the ‘important teacher’ role from Snake (as he’s now in the credits as principal). So she should have her own plots (at least enough appearances to warrant the credits spot).

      • And Mrs. Kwan!!! Haha, I’m so bummed she’s gone. Plus that male science teacher’s been around quite a bit after Ms. H stopped teaching. But yeah Ms. Oh’s the first to be in the opening credits, I don’t think she knew that’s what you meant.

      • Mrs.Kwan(English) Ms.Suave(Guidance)Mr.Perino(History)
        Mr.Armstrong(Math/Gym) Ms.H(Science) Mrs.Dawes (Art and now apparently English too) the drama teacher from season 9 the new science teach who was in man with two hearts and gave riley and peter the glowing pickle project the music teacher guy who in real life is in the band bare naked ladies and a bunch of other random teachers

  27. I hope Jessica Tyler acts well i’n TDOTO. I have a feeling it will be a great plot….and please spare me the drama, we all know degrassi have done pregnancy issues but that is HIGH SCHOOL.

    • i think that they should have given the pregnancy to another character because jessica taylor’s acting has not been up to par this season so im not sure if she can pull off the struggle of it all. I would have rather seen the plot go to someone like, chantay. She has been on the show for 4 or 5 years and has had no relevant plots. Would you give the plot to someone else or keep it with jenna? Thoughts?

      • Yeah I like the idea of Jenna gettin the plot…just don’t know if it’s actually best. Like i’n the prom where she says “omg” haha not very convincing!

      • I would keep it with Jenna, but not with Jessica Tyler, if that makes any sense.

        Jenna’s character does seem likely for a teenage pregnancy, and her whole diet pills thing could have the risk of a miscarriage. However, I wish they had chosen someone else to play Jenna, because as you said, Jessica Tyler’s acting hasn’t been very good.

      • I don’t think Jessica can pull it off, but considering she hasn’t had any really dramatic/serious scenes yet maybe she has it in her. Who knows!

        I probably would’ve given the pregnancy to Holly J. I think she has the acting ability and it would’ve been really interesting to see her character put into that situation.

      • I know people are more worried about Jessica Tyler’s acting. But from the promo I think Sam Earle is going to give us good stuff from KC. So I am looking forward to that. And hoping JT surprises us.

  28. Just a thought but I’ve read some comments and people keepthinking the lockdown has something to do with Eli, my thought is what if it has something to do with Adam, I mean we all know he will unfortunately be bullied, we have all seen the effects of bullying on degrassi

    • I think the lockdown has something to do with everyone. But I don’t think Eli is the one who causes it or is in the middle of it.

  29. i felt it was a little inappropriate to have Dave try to give us a little comic relief. Two really emotional plots, and then Dave? That only made me want to throw my sandwich at the screen. but other that that, this episode deserves an A++.

    • Come on, if any episode needed a dash of humour, it was this one!

      To date, only four episodes of Degrassi have made me choke up/cry. The first was Ellie’s scene with her mother in Anywhere I Lay My Head, where she shows her mother what she’s been doing to herself. That scene hits particularly close to home nowadays, as I myself continue to struggle with self-destruction of a different kind, though my mother isn’t nearly as bothered by it as Ellie’s mother was.

      The second was the scene in The Bitterest Pill when the video of JT playing with Bella was shown.

      The third was in Jane Says, where Jane goes to lie down in the nurse’s room, curls up, and starts to sob.

      The fourth was this episode, which managed to do it twice. The first was when Anya told Holly J, “My mom has cancer…”, and the second was the very last scene in which Drew puts his arm around Adam.

      Both parts of My Body Is A Cage were wonderful, but the second part in particular was just laden with emotion and powerful acting. If the rest of the season is half as good as these two episodes were, then season 10 will no doubt be the strongest season, yet.

      • I do agree that this was an intense episode, but if there’s gonna be a little humor, it should be funnier than whatever it is that Dave did. plus Winnie was all sad in that part as well, so it was like trying to watch someone doing stand up at your parent’s funeral.

      • Yeah those scenes were pretty sad.
        But the scene that gets me every time is in “When Doves Cry” when Craigs father hits him.

        Idk why but “When doves Cry” was for me the saddest degrassi episode and hardest for me to watch.

  30. i know it’s fake, but i love clare and eli sticking up for adam on twitter..

  31. Yeah i think Drew explaining Adam’s situation to Alli could have been a lot funnier and yet endearing at the same time.
    Alli: So your brother is a girl?
    Drew: Yes but well no not really at all.

  32. I cried when Anya’s mom said that Anya was her rock. The look on Anya’s face was way too sad. It made my heart break. :(

    • i totally agree. this is the scene that pushed me over the edge and made me cry. the whole doctor office scene was totally relateable for me

    • Omg, that was the sadest part! Anya tries to stay strong when her mom’s looking and then when she’s not she was in fear. I hope they keep this storyline for the next half. I actually think something goes wrong and the cancer spreads. I know that’s horrible to say, but degrassi never did a parent dieing for cancer.

      • actually they did . . . spinner’s dad. but we (the viewers) have no idea when that happened. im pretty sure he had both parents when the show started, but by s7 his father had died from cancer.

    • right??? Anya’s scene w/the volcano that was a memorable moment and with the music perfect!
      i also like the ending music scene with Holly J and Declan, Holly J says: summer of love here we come then music plays it fit the setting perfectly

      • I don’t think they’ve ALWAYS had the best music. But this season, the music supervisors have really stepped up their game. The use of music is starting to mimic that of The OC’s, which, love it or hate it, was quite influential in its use of music. The music on The OC was a character, itself. I’m starting to get that vibe from the music on Degrassi.

      • The scene with Anya and the volcano was so much deeper and saddening with the music, I completely agree.

    • The music is especially good this year…I actually just purchased two of the songs featured in MBIAC Part 2 from iTunes! Money well spent.

  33. This episode really inspired me.
    It made me realize not to judge people so harshly. I feel for Adam- such a brave person he is.

    Cant wait for next week ,though. Finally EClare will be official and sealed with a kiss!

  34. Ok this maybe a little bit of topic but I don’t think Jessica Tyler is going to step up her acting next episode when she looks at her pregnancy test she says crap…like really? My brother’s girlfriend is 16 and recently had a baby I know her reaction wasn’t crap when she found out.

    • These were my thoughts EXACTLY. I mean “crap.” … that’s it?! Like I said on Twitter the other day, if I found out I was pregnant (even at 23) I would scream, cry & then yell a bunch of obscenities at my stomach. And you CAN blame Jessica Tyler… even if the script called for her to say “crap,” she still could have ad-libbed like a good actor and been like “Crap, oh my god oh my god” and started hyperventilating or something. As it is it seems to be like “Crap. Okay. Whatever.” … of course, that’s only judging from the promo and maybe she will do more than just say crap but… I don’t know. Jessica is seriously lacking in the acting department.

      • I think the directer of that episode would have told her to react differently if she was actually underplaying the script :/

    • She can’t exactly say a more realistic line haha, but yeah that seems more like something you’d say if you stubbed your toe or dropped your books in the hall.

  35. i’m working on making a degrassi community on, and i can think of a name. anyone have any ideas?

  36. Anya is an amazing actor!! I was crying when she told Holly J her mom has cancer and her voice was all high pitch! The great thing about this plot is that it’s so realistic, i think most of us can relate to it. thumbs up if you have dealt with somebody you love having cancer or died from it. :(

    And I think adam burning himself is a little…too much. I mean, who burns themself in public? but i must admit it was a great performance…

    • i was diagnosed with hodkings lymphoma in january..i already went through chemo and lost my hair and all that good stuff..and just yesterday i was informed that im all cured and dont need any radiation…so i feel for anya and her mom!

    • Yeah, him burning himself right outside the school was just like Ellie cutting herself in the bathroom of the school; totally unrealistic but a way to connect their self-harm to another student, and actually showing him do it left a MASSIVE impact to me, especially since I had no idea about it.

      • I don’t really think it’s that unrealistic. I used to cut myself in high school when things got really bad. I knew it was stupid to do it right there, obviously, but it was either cut myself or have a complete breakdown…If you’re desperate and addicted enough, you can’t help yourself.

  37. This episode was amazing. I’m so impressed with these actors! Anyone notice however, that all promotion material claimed Adam’s female name was ‘Chelsea”? Yet, on the show, its Gracie? I just find it funny that even on Teen Nick’s plot synopsis, it still says Chelsea.

  38. I was rewatching MBIAC part 1 and I was thinking about this Heather Poulette character and then i thought , “OMG this is the new Heather Sinclair”, and from that I was just thinking, does Degrassi have something against Heathers or something?? lol Just a thought

  39. I saw the MuchMusic promos for next week . I knew Jenna was pregnant !! I can’t wait to see what she does about it .

    But Thursday nights episode of the boiling point was by far my favorite . (:

  40. ok so i have a theory about what migtht be going on in the boiler room with drew and bianca in AFD…so what i was thinking is that why in the world would drew go with bianca after she was really mean to his brother(who he clearly cares about)adam? and also doesnt adam like biance? so i was thinking that maybe drew adam eli and alli(as a favor to drew) came up with a plan to get fitz owen and bianca back for messing with alli has to distract owen by seducing him while eli takes care of fitz some how thus causing clare to ask eli what he did
    while drew makes sure that bianca invites him down to the boiler room while adam plans this whole big thing that causes the school to go into the lockdown..

    any comments? thought?

  41. Just saw the lockdown promo wow all falls down looks awesome. Loved the ending parts where mr simpson says from now on the school is on lockdown. And then you see holly j sav alli and claire confused/scared. And im pretty sure eli and adam were running from fitz when he said you`re dead. Im loving the bullies this season aka fitz, owen, and bianca

  42. I also have a theory about the lockdown. I think Owen,Fitz,and Bianca have some scheme in mind. That would explain why Bianca wants Drew or whoever to go to the boiler room and Owen paying Alli for something…I really hope Alli doesn’t become some prostitute. I’m not sure about who or what causes the lockdown, but I do know that I can’t wait!

    Also, someone said that Bianca wasn’t talking to Drew; she was talking to K.C. Is that true?

    • Oh I almost forgot all about Kendra. But I have no idea what to her. On wikipedia it states, “It is unclear what happened to her after the third season ended, as Spinner never mentions or talks about her.”

    • Got captured and was put into the Kenyan prison with Darcy. They are cell mates that spend hours laughing at spinner.

      • Then down the hall of the prison there’s Mrs. H, Caitlin Ryan, and Spike!
        THEN Terri comes back from her private school, Rick comes back to life and tries to kill her so the Kenyans release Darcy and she retrieves Terri.
        And that’s the end of Degrassi: The Next Generation.
        (This part was never shown though. It happened as a deleted seen during Degrassi: The Heat Is On)

  43. I thought the Adam burning himself with the hair clip was more realistic than the Elli’s Book of harming herself tools. Like first off…..

    Where on earth you going to walk into a store and buy all those razors and blades without being given a look, then have a book to fit them all in >.<

    Adam's seemed more spur of the moment with a lighter(which is more accessible than all those blades and razors) and the closest thing you could grab and burn yourself(which happened to be the hairpiece).

    • oh and I hope they come back to Adam for a plot because I have no clue what they could do with him.

      ANOTHER random thing, Why do they NEVER have Riley in other plots besides his own????? I have seen all of the new cast this season more than Riley.

      • Just cuz everyone knows about Adam doesn’t mean its all sunshine now.
        He’ll still have to deal with people already knowing, being accepted, coming out to others, dating, or even regular stuff like getting into regular gym (he prob still hates remedial) and using the bathroom (we know he hates using the special needs one), along with the transphobia.

        I think riley is just private though. when he’s not in football, his only friends are peter, zane, and anya, but even then he doesn’t seem to hang out with them much. he just like alone time i guess.

      • That’s ALWAYS bothered me about Riley! I totally get that some characters are not as social and prefer their privacy (kinda like Leia, I got why she was never around) but Riley’s supposed to be Big Man on Campus…and yet we never see him? He never gets a subplot and he’s never a supporting character in anyone else’s episode. It’s like he seriously has no real friends aside from Zane and I guess Anya (I only know they’re close from their twitters haha) and he can’t be 100% dedicated to the football team all year long. It’s not a big deal but it’s always bugged me how “under the radar”/completely unseen he is when he’s supposed to be one of the hottest and most popular guys at the school.

      • I’m curious about what they’ll do with Adam as well. It would be hard to imitate the physical transition aspect of being transgendered (voice changes, hair growth, surgery) without the actress herself actually going through it! Ha ha.

        But I’m hoping they’ll have some sort of romantic plot with him, maybe finding a nice, open-minded girl. That would be great. I’m a trans guy too and when I first heard they were going to have an FTM on Degrassi I was really excited, but I feared that they would de-sexualize him and make him single forever.

        I could easily see them doing a plot with him about maybe getting hormones illegally from some online pharmacy or something (which can be unsafe, especially for FTMs because we usually inject our hormones).

    • Agreed. If he dumps her and it is his baby, he will have pissed me off two years in a row (last year for dumping Clare although I’m over that now. Eclare! Lol). But when he does dump her Jenna will tell Alli who’ll tell the whole school and everyone will hate KC except for Bianca, Fitz, and Owen. That’s when KC joins the darkside and he and Bianca may develop feelings for each other. That’s my theory!

    • same.
      I still hate that he left clare for jenna, and is STILL with that horrible girl, but i know boys in high school do do stupid things, essp for girls.
      I can still like him if i know theres a chance he’ll grow out of his girl stupidity.
      BUT leaving a girl pregnant with YOUR child is a bigger show of someone’s true character, and i just won’t be able to respect him anymore if he does that. :/

    • I feel like it’s gonna end up similar to Teen Mom or something haha, where the baby’s mom and dad are CONSTANTLY on-again/off-again because the baby brings them together but also pushes them apart. And I definitely think that this pregrancy will be the final catalyst that pushes KC over the edge to the point where he turns to Bianca’s crew, either that or a relapse from his mom or something.

  44. “Okay.. to officially clarify it for everyone: Eli did say “This is where I killed my girlfriend…..””- Stephen Stohn

  45. this was the best episode all season. i was in tears when clare found adam burning himself. i LOVED how she said, “Adam” instead of Gracie. I’ve always loved Clare, but this episode made me love her 10x more as a character. As for the burning thing, I think it was genius. Like Adam said, he needed some way to take out his anger since no one else would listen to his feelings.
    The scene with the volcano brought me to tears. Poor Anya. I’m glad she’s finally getting a story line besides Sav’s on & off girlfriend. Unfortunately, I think that Degrassi writers are going to have Anya’s mom die from cancer. The only character’s parent whom has died from cancer is Spinner and we weren’t really along in the journey with that. I also loved how when Holly J came after Anya, she didn’t even care about the remark about her and Sav. That shows that he is literally the last thing on her mind.
    This is a bit off topic, but since when are Alli & Jenna such good friends? You would think Alli would despise her for what she did to Clare. (Stealing KC and spreading that rumor). Maybe Alli is just desperate for friends considering Clare is getting involved in school activites.

    As for next week’s episodes, I’m really excited.
    I can’t wait for the Eclare story :) I feel so bad for Eli. I can imagine the guilt he’s been carrying. Jenna is most definetly pregnant, but I bet it’s not with KC’s kid. Like the promo said, “The girl who doesn’t know her own secret.” Maybe she has been pregnant for a while. She HAS been gaining weight and had those weird cravings quite early after her and KC made love. Jessica Tyler needs to seriously step up her acting, because I’m losing respect for her character more than I have before.
    Sometimes it seems like they only casted her because she can sing and she’s a pretty blonde.
    Idk, I would seriously love the writer’s if they made her child not KC’s. That would just be icing on the cake.

    Ohh, and is it just me or did I feel a MASSIVE spark when Bianca & Adam were dancing? I literally felt little butterflies in my stomach. I mean, just the way they were looking at each other was wow. I really kind of wanted them to end up together. They would have made a hot couple. But I hate Bianca for saying, “I’ve seen freaks like you on Oprah.”

    &&&& Sav and Holly J just need to break up. Not a good couple at all >:/

    Thumbs up if you think Jenna’s baby isn’t KC’s. (:

    I <3 Degrassi! xx

  46. Finally you posted it:)

    So 3 random things first:

    1. I HATED Clare’s jean skirt lol

    2. LOVED Clare’s hair

    3. LOVED Leia’s hair

    Anyway, back to the episode… I was so disappointed that Adam never showed “Grams” his real self. I thought that after he went back to being Adam he would but oh well haha This plot was emotional and I loved the ending when Drew goes, “Your not ready to burn it yet?” and Adam goes, “It’s still me.” I thought that was so sweet:)

    Next, the Anya plot was reaaaaally emotional too:( Leia is just… bugging me lately. It seems like everything she says makes me dislike her more. She is NOT acting like a good friend, IMO. I’m happy they found her mom’s cancer early though. That made me happy:D hahaha

    Dave’s plot didn’t annoy me as much as part 1. I thought it was sweet how he went to talk to Mrs. Oh and then tried to suck up at the end. lol

    Anyway, I can’t wait til next week because then Jenna might be pregnant and hopefully KC will realize he made a terrible mistake being with her and he will dump her:D lol well in my dreams anyway…

    • hahaha for clare’s jean sjirt i agree. when they were walking away after adam was burning himself i remember seeing her shirt tucked in her jean skirt haha. She looked like a teacher trying to help her student or something

    • dave is a duchebag and i hope he dies in the lockdown and leia is my favorite character mostly because i just love Asian people and she is the only Asian ever to be on the show they need to give her AND Chantay a main plot and not dumb so-so actor jenna

  47. I respect everyone’s opinions, and I want to point out that I have criticized the character of Jenna and the acting of Jessica Tyler before, but I kind of feel like everyone is piling on from the last episode in which she had a major plot. I think because Kary noted his opinion of her acting in his review, the power of suggestion has influenced everyone’s opinion of her acting. Now I agree that the acting wasn’t stellar with the diet pill storyline, but I actually feel that Jenna’s emotions did not have to be super intense to portray it accurately. It wasn’t perfect, but I think Jessica Tyler projected a mix of embarrassment and self-consciousness that was believable for the plot of a girl wanting to lose some pounds. Since it wasn’t exactly Emma’s eating disorder of season 5, the emotions didn’t need to be as extreme for me to buy her acting in the episode. Sure, there could be more subtlety in her acting, but we have to remember that that was her first real main plot and that she has greatly improved from her first appearance in Just Can’t Get Enough, when she was just sunny all the time, with no variation. I think, for me personally, I’m going to reserve judgement for this coming week. On a side note, I understand why people think that Jenna and Alli hanging out is weird, but I also want to point out that Clare seems to be over KC and it would almost be silly for Alli to hate Jenna. Why are they friends? Like pointed out previously in other posts, Clare is hanging out with Eli and Adam, while Alli is not really hanging with that group. Both have boyfriends on the football teams. Alli has already stated her desperation for friends. But honestly I don’t see a problem with it primarily because in high school, relationships change quite a bit. I know from my own personal experience, that the people that I was close with in 9th grade, weren’t exactly the people I was hanging out with senior year. I also don’t think this is the end of Alli and Clare. They are just growing as people and interested in different things. I think it’s natural for even best friends to grow apart. Sorry for the long post haha.

    • I agree with your assessment of Jessica Tyler’s acting. I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as some people are making it out to be. When I was in high school, I experienced similar body issues and low self-esteem. To me, Jessica’s melancholy delivery of her lines is on par with how I would expect someone dealing with these issues in real life to act.

    • I agree with everything you said about Alli and Clare’s friendship…However, Alli DID hate Jenna in the episode where Clare gets back at her for the rumor. :/ Alli got over that hatred WAY too quickly. Alli and Jenna should have at least had a tiny scene where they reconciled. The writers also should have included a line (from either Alli OR Clare) mentioning that the other has been spending a lot of time with other people, so they haven’t been spending time together. That way, at least, it would seem more believable that they don’t see each other much. My best friends in 9th grade were NOT my friends in 12th, either, but at least the separation was slow, not instantaneous.

  48. ok i know this is random, but i just got done watching I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself 2 and the cop that pulls over Sav his name tag said turner. He is also black, so could this be daves dad, brother, cuz, uncle, ect? Sorry if the world already knows this and im just missed it until now.

  49. @mike jenna`s acting in better off alone was pretty good and soild but she wasn’t the main focus in the plot. In 99 problems when she spoke to anya and kc she could have put emotion into her words and cried a little. And im pretty sure in tears dry on their own she shows emotions loved kc`s “Do you even hear yourself?” and jenna`s acting should open manies eyes. And on the alli/jenna being friends exactly alli needs someone and in her defense claire found her own crowd and what is alli just supposed to follow claire 24/7? I mean don’t get me wrong alli is one of the most annoying charecters in season 10 while claire is the opposite. Alli and Claire are just finding their own way then by season 10`s end or season 11`s start Claire and Alli will be bffs again and jenna will find someone lol would love if bianca was jenna`s bff even if bianca treated jenna like shit aka holly j/anya season 7. Can’t wait for monday 9 p.m.!

    • You see, this is the way I see Alli and Clare. They don’t need to hang out with each other every day, but by the end of the day they’re still best friends. No one realistically hangs out with their best friend every minute, but they always acknowledge each other when times are rough. Like they can hang out with other people, but in the end they still love each other.

      Alli is absolutely horrible this season, but clearly Clare cares about her. If they weren’t best friends, Clare wouldnt have danced with her and have Alli embarrass herself at the football game. Now THAT’S friendship, cause Alli sucks.

  50. I’m happy the episode leaked. Tears Dry On Their Own was a great episode. I loved how Jenna dealt with her secret, especially when she told KC. Jessica’s acting was great! Connor’s online girlfriend is creepier than she looks!

  51. What the hell!! where the f@$k is Declan

    -sorry I’m kind off in love with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does he come back in any episode with a main role?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • I personally like the first promo that came out. The characters went well with the music. With the new video with the singer in it, the movements and characters, that emotional that was suppose to be captured, lacked it on the 2nd video. some parts were rushed not creating that atmosphere it was trying to build.

  52. I’m a 15 year old girl from Nebraska and I think I’m in love with Adam. Does that make me a lesbian? and when Adam has a love interest in the future on the show will she be considered a lesbian?

    • I would call his girlffiend “pan-sexual” (like Paige), or “fluid” (I first heard that term last year and it pretty much means the same this as pan-sexual)

    • I don’t think so since Adam’s a guy ‘between the ears’ but for the physical part of it I don’t know… Lol tough question

    • Adam is a guy in every aspect EXCEPT his body. Personally, I would say Adam’s girlfriend would be straight. And she would say that Adam was her BOYfriend. But some people don’t count it the same way, I dunno, and it doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to put a label on your sexuality, just…love. :)

  53. Because we all know jessica tyler’s acting sucks..wouldn’t it have made your day if when she found out about her pregnancy she said “super bummer…”

  54. An amazing conclusion to a great episode. Jordan Todosey’s acting was spot-on. I felt so terrible for Adam while he was trying to be Gracie.

    I thought Anya’s plot was much better in Part Two. And I find it slightly funny how Sav and Holly J. made such a big deal about Anya freaking out if she knew about their relationship, and then it comes out and Anya doesn’t care.

    Dave’s plot…yeah, still didn’t care. Compared to the other two plots, it was just…ugh. Not compared to the other two plots, it was still just…ugh.

    And you’d think Leia would have quit reading Sizzle Teen magazine after it killed her relationship with Danny. Guess some people never learn.

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  56. I’m gonna be really disappointed if KC doesn’t take care of the kid. I see no reason for him not to, just kind of because his dad is in jail, and you would think KC would want a better life for his child.

    But then again, KC is doing better than he used to be and probably would not not to deal with a baby and pursue with his own life.

    In the end, I believe that KC will take care of his kid. But I do believe KC and Jenna will break up. No, I’m not saying that because of my obvious hatred for that couple. I’m saying it because I think KC and Jenna are too immature to stay together.

  57. Reesa i think KC will end up taking care of the baby too. I can see this episode being a huge flashback to accidents will happen though and jenna will get the abortion. I hope not i want degrassi to show off what its like to be preggo in high school they could do it better than anyone else im sure but they havent tried yet.

    • Well, they did it with Liberty. But she was a bold person and Jenna seems afraid of what everyone thinks, so it’d be different.

  58. I don’t know about you guys but the part in the episode that made me cry the most was when Adam was picked up by his mother (second to the last scene involving Adam)Adam says you don’t need to understand just accept me (along the lines) then the song added made me blubber out tears its was all so perfect!

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  60. After rewatching MBIAC Part 1, I noticed there’s something on the picnic table Eli and Clare are sitting at…And it kind of looked like the headphones Eli lent Clare. Anyone know if it is? It’d be really cute if it was. <3

  61. a few questions:
    1. How long have KC and Jenna been together?
    2. Could the baby be someone elses?
    3. How many times must we confirm Eli said “This is where I killed my girlfriend”?
    4. How about this as an explanation for the lockdown:
    As all enjoy the dance Bianca, Owen and Fitz devise a plot to get back at Adam and Drew because as seen in this episode if Bianca went to the office one more time there would be consequences. Their plan of revenge is to kidnap Drew (take him down to the boiler room via Bianca) under the lure of her saying they have Adam. However Owen is down stairs supposedly “wooing” Alli into prostitution when Drew sees Alli with Owen their relationship is over thus hitting Drew where it hurts, due to him finally saying girlfriend boyfriend to see his girlfriend cheat drives him nuts and he leaves the dance. Alli in fact was being assaulted by Owen and Drew has no idea. Eli see’s Adam being led down to the boiler room and follows close behind as they (Fitz and Bianca) start beating up Adam Eli hit’s Fitz over the back of the head with something knocking him out. At this point Clare unsure of what Eli has done and why tells Mr. Simpson who calls for a Lockdown until things are sorted out. As police enter the building they find Holly J and Sav and tell them to get outside immediately, as they continue searching the school they find a beaten Adam and a raped Alli. As both are taken in the ambulance to the hospital thus leading the pictures seen here.


  62. Wait did degrassiwiki just confirm Alli gets raped?! Maybe she leaves the show for a while because Alli is traumatized from the rape and doesnt want to go back to degrassi or something like that. Also i think mr.simpson becomes very strict after the lockdown and will make the students wear those uniforms that keep getting shown in pics.

  63. okay this episode was really good. i loved adams part. and i give 100000 creds to Drew, Claire, and Eli. I didn’t really like Drew, but now I love him.

    my favorite part that was the most real was when Anya was blowing up the volcano and was talking about how everyones gonna die and you dont even know it.
    i was about to CRY!!! it was SOO REAL it didnt feel like some cheesy crap. it felt sincere. i love that part. shes a great actress.

    cant wait for next week!!!

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