Degrassi Episode Review: What A Girl Wants Part 2


MAIN PLOT:  Fiona continues to deal with her cheating, abusive boyfriend.
Fiona thinks things might be great with Bobby again when he helps her win over the Headmaster with her uniform design, but things go awry when she finds Bobby making out with his ex girlfriend Tinsley.

The conflict remains an internal one;  Fiona starts to act out by withdrawing from everyone, but she refuses to tell anyone about her situation with Bobby.  That leaves everyone thinking she’s slipping back into her old drama-queen ways.

If there’s ever a scene I’ll never forget it’s when Bobby throws Fiona down the stairs.  His anger (and Fiona’s physical and emotional pain) reach the ultimate climax at just the right time.

SUBPLOT 1: Sav comes to terms with Anya’s “pregnancy.”
This Sav/Anya plot is the most well-crafted storyline I’ve seen in a while. Sav finds out from Anya that she’s pregnant (keep in mind she’s faking it), but to Anya’s surprise Sav decides he’s gonna stand by her and fulfill his responsibilities as a dad. 

For different reasons (Sav thinking he’s gonna be a dad/Anya because she sees how caring Sav is) they become close.  Sav comes this close to dropping out of the Presidential race, but Anya convinces him not to.  That throws a wrench in Holly J’s plan, since the whole point of the fake pregnancy was to get Sav to quit.  Anya’s pulled a switcheroo and joined Team Sav because it gives her what she’s wanted all along:  to have Sav back in her life.

SUBPLOT 2:  Dave still has being Class 10 Rep (and being with Alli) on the brain.
After feeling embarrassed after Dave’s Girls of Degrassi page, Alli creates her own:  a list of Degrassi Losers, and Dave’s number 1.  Thankfully, Clare tells Alli she’s being ridiculous and Dave finally gets to tell Alli that there was a mixup.  Alli even kisses Dave, but they still remain just friends.

The best part of this subplot is obviously the ridiculous rap by Connor and Wesley….giving it a slight step up from Part 1.

62 thoughts on “Degrassi Episode Review: What A Girl Wants Part 2

  1. i agree on all the grades. the fiona storyline is one of the best storylines and the most intense i have ever seen. and dave is hangin in there lol.

  2. I agree with you. I loved the Fiona plot, and the other two were pretty good as well. Another thing I loved was the ending of the episode. Bobby’s last words to Fiona were perfect (perfect in a scary, abusive boyfriend kinda way). :)

    • Haha! This ep is pretty HAlarious at parts! lol ugg i normally HATE Jenna but what she thinks is going on and what IS really going on in toooo priceless!

      • I already saw it Its soooo funny when Clare confronts Jenna! I just really wanna know Kary’s opinion about the plot and I hope he gives it a high grade =)

  3. Agree with you about all three plots. Can’t wait until you talk about Jenna’s rumor about Claire tomorrow! :)

  4. Loooooved this episode!!!
    Warning SPOILER-

    I read that the character Leia is only signed on for the FIRST 24 episodes of season 10 ( aka The Boiling Point ) soooo….interpret that bit of info your own way ;)

  5. That was some good drama!

    But quick question anyone know the name of the song in DTM where Jane is singing and for the audition for Flashing Light or something and in the song Spinner throws all that stuff wit Jane away.

  6. Great review ^^ Oooo MuchMusic lists Fitz’s name as “Mark Fitzgerald.” Haha! And there’s Owen Milligan and Wesley Betenkamp.

  7. Dave is like the new I liked his subplot it was charming.

    Who thinks had it worse for worst boyfriend ever Terri (Rick) or Fiona (Bobby)?

  8. Really liked this episode but I think i`ll like most of the new episodes. The abuse storyline this season is better than season 3`s abuse in my opinion. Especially with the great set up they gave in the movie. And like everyone else can’t wait for your review of breakaway tomorow and thursday. And lasty im really liking the video review but too bad i cant see them on my phone and I have to go on my computer lol.

  9. I knew you’d feel totally satisfied with part 2. It’s how I felt. Each episode just gets better and better.

  10. I like that alli, claire, and kc are like in totally different spots in the new intro. And I love that alli got to have the logo what a prestigious honor lol.

  11. Tomorrows episode is pretty decent but i think what a girl wants set the standard REAL high. Tomorrow is no as good but is still good in its own right. Anyways This season seems pretty good because its almost they get like 2 episodes for each character to get more fleshed out then they appear in subplots continuing their story.

  12. Wow, I love how they changed Fiona’s character from a rich girl to someone who is mentally unstable and is not believed by anyone. Degrassi: The Boiling Point really brings Degrassi back!<3

  13. I agree with every grade. Fiona’s storyline is really much more intense than I imagined and it is truly dark. Sav and Anya is another pretty good one and I just wonder how it’s gonna climax because secrets never stay secrets forever so it’ll be interesting to see how Sav reacts to the news that it is all just a ruse. And the Alli and Dave storyline had it’s humor and cute moments but…it’s just lacking something.

  14. Oh btw, when are you gonna add a new page devoted to Season 10 reviews like you did for the other seasons Kary?

  15. actually im a little dissapointed with the sav/anya plot tbh…. i was really hoping 4 a bad anya with the whole 2 face thing…. but her betrayal isnt quite that bad and shes not evil lol…. degassi needs a “mean bitch”

  16. I hope bianca gets a main plot she probably will though considering we`re getting 48 episodes this season. :) so excited for this season which I haven’t been since season 7 which let down in a way.

  17. I liked the Connor and Wesley rap because we all know what happened to the last character who rapped on Degrassi. Looks like Wesley is going to become part of Young Money any day now.

  18. at the end of the manhattan movie, when the door closed on holly waving bye to declan and fiona, did anyone else get the impression that one of them is not going to be around much longer? that slow motion effect seemed most ominous. i hope fiona’s not outright killed :( but it’s been awhile since someone on the show died..

  19. Great Review! :] I agree! I cannot wait for more episodes, especially Adam episodes, (S)he will obviously get the main plot in My Body is My Cage.
    I saw the first four episodes and I cannot wait for your reviewss.~

    • i DONT want anyone to die. was just wondering if anyone else felt that goodbye scene was eery? right down to how holly looked down as fiona disappeared from view..

      • There is a very big lockdown this season. I also hope someone dies this season because it will be more intense and thrilling and it will “go there” more, which Degrassi really needs right now. It needs much more drama.

  20. Is anyone else having trouble getting on the click? Please let me know lol. I want to know if it’s just me or not?

  21. I haven’t seen this episode yet because it comes out tonight on Teennick but does anybody know if Darcy is EVER coming back? Did she just decide to live in Kenya? lol

    I know she would be graduated and all but she like never came back. haha and she said she would only be gone a semester.. haha

  22. btw ^^ I know shes on 90210 now because I love that show but I just mean for a guest appearance or like someone just saying what happened to her. lol

  23. OMG! Did anyone else notice that Spinner wasn’t in the beginning credits? D: I know he married Emma but I don’t want him to leave!!!!!!!

  24. The songs for Degrassi Takes Manhattan needs to be on US iTunes now!!!!!! I tried buying it, but my credit was only valid in America. It was iTunes Canada that I was trying to buy it from. It’s very unfortunate. I just keep singing “Maybe Love”!!!!!! I can’t get it out of my head! :( xoxo D4L

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  26. i really loved this episode. i thought the main plot was a lot stronger than the 2 subplot but i did love sav and anya getting back together. i missed them haha. the ending scene with fiona and bobby was soooooo good!! cant wait for breakaway.

    • Jane went to Stanford University and Danny went off to Cornell. Yeah Danny will be mentioned if not shown again since him and Chantay are going out still.

  27. I actually liked this episode more than the first but omg… Sav and Anya… AGAIN!?

    I hope he finds out about her secret and breaks up with her for good. They just aren’t right for eachother.. there’s always drama. lol

    It also bugged me that nobody believes Fiona… I know that she screwed up before but still”/ lol

    Can’t wait for tomarrows episode!!

  28. Another good episode! And let me just say, I’m really liking the new cameras…I also like how the episodes pick up right where they left off, in the same day. (Of course, they can do that now that there’s and episode a day)

    I’m wondering how the Anya/Sav thing is going to turn out. Anya, for some reason, is starting to grow on me, “two faced girl” or not. I care about her more than I used to. Sav was pretty sweet in this ep too, I might even start liking him again.

    Love that we got to see Bianca this episode, even if it was only for a little bit. I was excited about that, and I’m glad they’re adding the new characters slowly, instead of all of them just popping up in one episode.

    Let me just say that I’m starting to feel a little bad for Dave. He’s such a dork, in a strangely lovable way.

    The ending is INTENSE. The whole storyline is. I hope Fiona gets help!

  29. Ok well this is my prediction. Give a thumbs up if you agree. Well, we can clearly see that this is where Anya starts becoming “the two faced girl”. I think that if Sav never was tricked into believeing that Anya was pregnant, he would have never got back with her, so Anya is being really manipulative in making Sav think that she’s preggo. Another thing I like about this episode is that in the end when Holly J says “we’ll see about that”. You see the old Holly J. right there. I bet that out of angry feeling toward Anya for supporting Sav, Holly J. will end up telling Sav that Anya’s lying about the whole thing, thus causing another break up between the two and also some hostility between Anya and H.J. (again). This is just my prediction, but give a thumbs up if you agree?

  30. [Spinner/Jimmy Season 2 Rap]
    *our homie is a player, that is all so why’d you have go and kick his
    *Ball and chain, ain’t that your game? cuz you’re a playa hater, ain’t that a shame?
    *Cuz girls like you aint worth too much, oi shut up girl and make my lunch!
    [Connor/Wesley Season 10 Rap]
    *Dave Turner for rep, he’s gonna reign,
    *He’s permanent yeah, like a nasty stain,
    *He’s so hot hell fog your glasses,
    *He’s king of all your grade 10 classes.

    idk, I got bored but the first 1 is sooo sexist but as a female, I love it. the second 1 was just nerdy funny. the “nerd crew” has become my favourite clique

  31. Yes the abbuse plot was good, I’m not big on Fiona becuz her character is waaay hard to keep up with, but in a way I like that, it adds to her dramatic side which we know she has….but yes this was the perfect storyline for her.

    Sav/Anya/holly j oh yea! It was very unexpected for sav to b so supportive and then not be mad!!! Shows just how much more mattire he has become back from him and Anya breaking up ober nothing days. Alhough I doubt this will become Sonya he isn’t brave enough to tell the rents

    I pike Dave he reminds me of jt hitting on manny and what he told ally was sweet. But ally bothers me and I wish she would be closer with Claire, like a manny Emma thing becuz that fridship really added to degrassi. But I’m liking the loose ally becuz she brings us our manny Nn we MUSThave that….houh no1 beats manny in my opinion

    ho here thinks kc is like Sean becuz he dumped the sweet girl, Claire and is seen hanging out with jay and Alexy charcyers!!!

    I c repetision…..hmmm not sure I like it but I like the characters so far!!

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